FiveE Magazine is Out Now in PRINT & PDF and it’s FREE!

Hi all,

FiveE Magazine is available NOW in PRINT & PDF on DrivethruRPG – you can download a PDF copy for FREE or order a Print copy at cost + postage*!

FiveE Magazine is a new semi-regular periodical dedicated to content for the World’s Most Popular Fantasy Role Playing Game! 56 pages of amazing content, gorgeous art, free maps, new monsters, new magic items, new sub-classes, hints for new DMs, a full adventure and loads more! And it’s FREE

FiveE includes articles by a host of contributors, including Dungeon Baker, Milosz Gawecki, Bea DnD, Jarrad Blackburn, Grace Edinger, me(!) and others.

  • Advice for the Young at Heart – You’re a new DM, just starting out – here’s some basic advice to get you started
  • Classic Inspiration – Some of the best inspiration comes from the classics – 3 books to inspire your games
  • Run for Cover – All about the Gorgaren, featured on our cover – it’s not the dragon you think it is…
  • The Right Way to Play – What is the right way to play? Finding the right table/group for your playing style
  • Five Swords – The secrets of the ancient sword Ke’Le’Ra, also called the Eye of the Needle
  • The Dowager Countess: Games Etiquette – A powerful new NPC outlines her code of gaming behavior
  • Fire Forge Caves – Do you dare enter these lava-filled caverns? A free map and mini-adventure
  • A More Than Typical Day – Everyone has a story of how they got into 5e. A relative newcomer explains why she loves the game
  • Warriors of Knowledge – New knowledge-based subclasses for the Monk, Paladin and Wizard classes
  • Brazen Bay – Need a starting base for your campaign? Here’s a coastal village mini-setting with adventure seeds
  • Improving the Not So Critical Hit – Critical Hits in 5e are a bit…meh. How about inspiration from critical hits in other games?
  • City Seeds – Life in the city can be tough. Here’s 4 city-based adventure seeds for levels 1st-4th
  • The Art of Wartography – Building the ideal battlemap, plus a free battlemap
  • Hermann Von Graunburger – The Dungeon Ecologist battles a lost cult in this tale of adventure
  • Cold as Ize – Sea beasts, ancient magic and duplicity in the Frozen North. A complete adventure for 5th level characters, including new monsters and magic items. (This is a new version of the Shotglass Rounds adventure of the same name, with a brand new map and extended encounters)

You can download or order your FREE copy at–August-2021

(* You don’t pay for the production of the magazine – the writing and content are free – you only pay for the cost of paper, ink and postage. I make NO profit from this magazine. It’s a free gift to you)

Game On!

Steve 🙂


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