FiveE Magazine is Out Now in PRINT & PDF and it’s FREE!

Hi all, FiveE Magazine is available NOW in PRINT & PDF on DrivethruRPG – you can download a PDF copy for FREE or order a Print copy at cost + postage*! FiveE Magazine is a new semi-regular periodical dedicated to content for the World’s Most Popular Fantasy Role Playing Game! 56 pages of amazing content, gorgeous art, freeContinue reading “FiveE Magazine is Out Now in PRINT & PDF and it’s FREE!”

A Writer’s Prayer. A poem.

I slowly turn each page And every emblazoned word That lights the air In a breathtaking display Could not be any more Resplendent than it is These are my words And whether kind or cruel Winsome or fulsome They are mine and mine alone And my world shines far brighter Because they live and breatheContinue reading “A Writer’s Prayer. A poem.”

The Real Book. A tale of two formats.

Remember that poetry e-book I released a year ago? Yeah, I thought not. The All or the Nothing is a book I’m very proud of, but it’s only sold a few copies so it’s safe to say my grand dream of being recognised for my poetic talents (real or illusionary) has fizzled somewhat. Then IContinue reading “The Real Book. A tale of two formats.”