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I like variety. If I had more time I’d still be publishing a huge range of material, but time is not my friend.

If you’d like to read some of my other stuff, you can sample it all at the links to the right. I’ve written around 2000 posts over the last few years, so I’m sure you’ll find something remotely interesting 🙂

Stuff I used to talk about on this site. And sometimes still do.

Over the last few years I’ve written a LOT of stuff on this website. It originally started as a blog to vent and push me to write every day, then became an outlet for poetry, photography, movies, music, role playing games, short stories and finally – Laidback DM articles!

Following is a list of the headings under which you can find other interesting stuff I’ve written. Have a read. You might be surprised that I can be a little deep sometimes…

  • Alpha Girl, Beta Max and Me – This was a short, humorous series I wrote a while ago.
  • An Upstart Photographer – I love to take photos. I love to write poetry. This semi-regular column combines both loves.
  • Animals – I didn’t even remember I had this category, but what the heck. Check it out if you love animals, particularly dogs.
  • Anvil – A short SF/Cyberpunk series designed to challenge me as a writer. Completely unplanned, so I was forced to come up with a solution whenever I wrote myself into a corner.
  • Awards – Along the way I won a few blog awards. I never take this stuff seriously, so some of my responses were amusing. Well, I thought so, anyway.
  • Be My Guest – This column never really took off – I didn’t actually ask many people to contribute as I always had so much of my own material to publish. Okay, maybe I’m a narcissist.
  • Books – I LOOOOOVE reading. This is all about books and book reviews. Unfortunately, I read so many books and have less and less time to review them, so I just stopped doing reviews. Sigh.
  • Christianity – I’m a Christian – now hold on, I’m not one of those crazy fundamentalist extremists that secular people seem to think we all are. I believe in love. Stay cool.
  • Comics – And I LOOOOOOOVE comics! Still a reader and collector, but with even less time than I had before, so the reviews and columns went the way of the dinosaur…
  • Computer Games – Hmmm. I guess I don’t play many computer games anymore.
  • Dating – Yep. We’ve all been there at some point, but experiencing a divorce late in life meant getting back on the horse again. Luckily, I’m a great ride. Um, rider.
  • Environment – Yes, I’m a bit of a greenie as well.
  • Fatherhood – And a dad. Hey son, love ya heaps!
  • Flash Fiction – These are very short micro-fiction/flash fictions. Enjoy!
  • Food – I love food and eating out, but not enough to write much about it.
  • Haiku – Poetry baby! Specifically: the Japanese form using a three-line structure of 5-7-5 syllables.
  • Humour – Humour (English-spelling) is subjective. So, you might like this. Or not.
  • IT – ‘Information Technology’, for those not in the know. Guess I don’t care much about computers. Just joking, I use my computer rabidly every day. I just didn’t write about it much.
  • Love – Ah, love! If I knew French I’d say something sexy right now. Okay, how about I crib an old song: “Voulez-vous couchez avec moi?”
  • Martial Arts – My short-lived time as a Kung Fu master (read: learner) was short-lived. Obviously.
  • Mental Health – Yes, I suffer from depression and anxiety and lots of my writing is about it. One in five people have mental health issues, and I’m proud to share my experiences (good and bad).
  • Movies – I looooooooooooooove movies. At one point I was seeing movies regularly. I wrote regular reviews until I didn’t have the time to do so anymore.
  • Music – I’m a musician – I play guitar, drums, bass and sing. Not as much as I used to, but here’s a few posts about music, including some album reviews.
  • Poetry – Poetry, baby! Still a passion!
  • Poets Loved – Some posts about poets I admire.
  • Quotes – Some of my quotes. I was originally going to make this a recurring column, but then I got lazy.
  • Review – Anything I reviewed got this keyword.
  • Role Playing Games – My current bread and butter. When I started this blog it was merely a hobby.
  • Television – I used to write the occasional blog about TV. Now, I never watch TV. Actually, I think a lot of this is about streaming services, if I remember rightly – so, I guess I still watch lots of TV.
  • The Book Nerd – Book reviews! I am a proud book nerd, through and through.
  • The Laid Back Dungeon Master – Once upon a time, not everything was Laidback DM. Now, I classify all my RPG stuff with this tag.
  • The Sale – Another unplanned short story series, wherein I forced myself to write something and not knowing where the story was going, had to write myself out of whatever corner I ended up in. This is a humorous homage to horror/thriller stories.
  • Training – I guess I wrote a bit more about my gym training than I thought previously lol. I’m still working out and exercising regularly – I just don’t write about it now.
  • University – I used to be a University student after a big life change. I now have a Degree in Communications and a big student debt. So there.
  • Writer Interrupted – I used to write about the process of writing, when I was planning on being a world famous author. Now, I’m a not-so-famous author, but at least I make a living out of it.

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