SHOTGLASS ADVENTURES #2 and #3 Now Available on DrivethruRPG !

Ever long for the days of simple one-shot adventures with everything included on one page? No hassle, limited prep? Something you could throw at your players and finish in one or two sessions?

My first One-Page scenarios for 5e were released in 2019 in Shotglass Adventures, Volume 1. Since then, my creations have grown in scope, but I‘ve always longed for a return to the simpler One-Page One-Shot format that won me the One-Page Dungeon Contest  two years running (in 2019 and 2020).

The Lovely Bones and Tomb of the Defiled are sequels to the popular The Madness of St. Avon!  Both are One-Page One-Shots for 5e and OSR systems, including full stat blocks for both 5e and OSR/1e monsters and grid and grid-less maps.  And all for $2 US each.

Find them at

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