Laidback DM: The Year in Review 2022

My Year in Review! This is a post about all the stuff I released in 2022. I haven’t done one of these before, so here goes nothing lol. Each of the products is listed in release order.

Maps for Fantasy RPGs 3 was released in February 2022. What can I say, hand drawn, royalty-free maps are cool 😊

I love writing poetry, and this book – Dark Minds and Bright Souls – released in March 2022, had the additional benefit of being my first ever hardcover!–Bright-Souls

Shotglass Rounds Hardcover Vol.1 was a collection of 10 one-shot adventures, reprinted from the Shotglass Rounds PDF series. My second hardcover and a book I am so very proud of, taking pride of place on my shelf😊

The SR Vol.1 Digital Maps Package was released to accompany Shotglass Rounds Hardcover Vol.1, this collection of maps is for every adventure in the collection – for use in game or in your own projects royalty free 😊

FiveE magazine Issue 2 was a labor of love for me – a FREE magazine for D&D 5e featuring many talented and amazing creators! My gift back to the community that supports me 😊–April-2022

Life in a Faded Moment was my 2nd poetry book for 2022 (of 4 total so far over a few years) and my 3rd hardcover! Looooove this book 😊

June 2022 – the 4th book in my D&D 5e magnum opus – Kal-Zar’s Bane 4: Bane’s Requiem was the culmination of 2 years writing and playtesting and a book with so many twists and turns it could have been a novel 😊

The BANE’S REQUIEM Digital Maps Package features hand drawn maps from the book that can be used in your games or royalty free in your own projects😊

I love drawing black and white maps with sharpies on grid paper. It’s old school all the way. Maps for Fantasy RPGs 4 – Old School is the culmination of lots of map drawing. Hand drawn black and white maps that can be used royalty free in your own commercial projects!–Old-School

I love to draw maps – Maps for Fantasy RPGs 5 is about full color, hand drawn maps for use in commercial projects – royalty free 😊

Duumhaven was meant to be a short one-shot. It morphed into a region setting with lore and a short introductory scenario. It’s the first of around 8 modules that link to form a mega-dungeon, or it can be played as a one shot!

The 2nd in the Dungeon Duumhaven series!

November 2022 – Maps for Fantasy RPGs 6 – more sexy hand drawn maps you can use in your own projects, royalty free!

The 3rd module in the Dungeon Duumhaven series!

I released 18 free maps on my SteveStillStanding/Laidback DM website!

Finished my Tomb of Annihilation series of session summaries and started my Out of the Abyss series!

Posted 18 poems on my SteveStillStanding website!

I played so many games of #dnd #5e and #OldSchoolEssentials that I’ve lost count, including Shadows Over Saltmarsh, Black Heart Meridian and numerous playtests! (Check out my Facebook or Twitter for weekly posts) 😊

So that’s what I did last year (and that’s not including the 8 other projects I started but haven’t released yet). It was exhausting, but amazing fun! Here’s to another creative and productive year in 2023!  


Steve 😊

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