Dragon Warriors Resources – Free Map, Roll20 Rules & Casket of Fays

About a year back (has it been that long?) I played a few games of Dragon Warriors, a cool OSR game by Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson, which features some annoyingly inconsistent systems lol. Despite that, the combat was fast moving and the atmosphere was great! For a full review of Dragon Warriors, click here.

Free Maps

I play all my games on Roll20 at the moment, and for one of the adventures I decided to make a bigger map (because the tiny B&W one just wasn’t doing it for me lol). The map below is a slightly revamped version of The Tomb of Vallandar from The King Under The Forest in Sleeping Gods (I did it pretty quickly so please excuse the mistakes).

This map is based on the original by Andrew Law, published in Sleeping Gods, Serpent King Games edition.

On PC, just right click and save. On mobile, just hold your finger on the image and save

Below is an old school map of the village square in Maiden’s Vale, from The Darkness Before the Dawn, the introductory adventure in the rule book. It’s perfectly sized for Roll20 (1750×1750), so it can just be dropped straight in (and yes, this was a rush job, too lol).

On PC, just right click and save. On mobile, just hold your finger on the image and save

I also made up a couple of other maps, one of which is The First Ambush from The Darkness Before the Dawn – I posted in on this site about a year ago. You can find it here.

Here is Queen Fhionn’s House from that same adventure. It’s perfectly sized for Roll20 (1750×1750) so it can be dropped straight in. Yes, it was a rush job. Hey, I was playing a lot of games online during lockdown and didn’t have a lot of time to prep lol.

On PC, just right click and save. On mobile, just hold your finger on the image and save

Of course, you don’t have to use these maps for Dragon Warriors – they will work perfectly well with any other fantasy Table Top Role Playing Game (TTRPG).

Roll20 Rules

The interesting thing about playing an old school TTRPG written before the miniatures craze and the advent of the Virtual Table Top (VTT), is that you need to interpret some rules in a different way when you play via VTT. It’s fine if you’re playing ‘theater of the mind’, but VTT requires a bit extra, like dynamic lighting and movement. Luckily, I’ve done the hard work for you. Here are the VTT rules I made for Dragon Warriors on Roll20. By the way, I used hexes in place of the standard squares on Roll20 with a distance of 1 meter per square and they worked really well.

Combat Range

  • Each Hex = 1 meter (about 3.1 feet for the American readers).
  • Every character controls the hex they occupy and 1 hex around them (their ‘personal space’). Their token occupies 1 hex.
  • You must be in a character’s personal space to attack them, unless you have a spear/polearm or a missile weapon, then you can attack them from 2 m away.
  • For Missile Weapons, DEFENCE is taken into account if the missile user is within 2 m, but split between that attack and another if the target is in melee.


  • A character can normally walk 10 m (10 hexes) per turn.
  • A character may close – move 3 m (3 hexes) and attack in the same round, if their weapon is drawn.
  • A character who surprises another may close – move 5 m (5 hexes) and attack in the same round, if their weapon is drawn.
  • A character can run 20 m (20 hexes) per turn. A character who runs this round must either run, move normally or do nothing the next round. 
  • Difficult terrain halves movement (5 m).
  • Very Difficult Terrain halves movement again (2 m). 
  • RETREAT: defend normally and move 3 m (3 hexes).
  • ROUT: Turn and run 20 m (20 hexes) – opponent gets opportunity attack with defence zero and no shield.

Light Sources

  • Lantern: 8 m bright, 7 m dim, lasts 2 hrs on one flask of oil.
  • Torch: 5 m bright, 5 m dim, 20% chance will go out if dropped, lasts 1 hour, someone must hold the torch during combat. 

Casket of Fays

While I was playing the game I was recommended some Dragon Warriors zines that were available for free on DrivethruRPG (cheers, Simon!). I did, and they’re great! Heaps of ancillary materials, mini-adventures, fleshed out NPCs. They are ideal for anyone getting into the game, and can be found here.

I hope you like this Dragon Warriors stuff! I may eventually play a few more games in the future, as we all had a great time playing (and interpreting the spell rules lol).


Steve 🙂

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