MAPS FOR FANTASY RPGs 2 Royalty Free Digital Maps Package is on sale NOW!

Available NOW at

MAPS are a bit like dice. As a DM, I can never have enough – I like to have them on hand for improvising game sessions or design work. And fantasy TTRPG designers always need maps, but they’re not always easy for people to make, especially if you want a particular hand drawn aesthetic that you can’t get with digital map making applications. Of course, maps can be expensive to commission, and when you’re a small indie TTRPG game or product designer, your profit margin can be tight on every product. I have a solution. 

MAPS FOR FANTASY RPGs 2 – a Digital Map Package containing 20 hand drawn, full color maps in grid and grid-less versions – 100 CMYK Color/RGB Color, Full size Grid & Grid-less and VTT-size Grid-less 600 DPI JPEGs – royalty free and ready to use in your private or commercial print/digital/streaming projects

Available NOW at


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