Free Map: Ramp Dungeon

Time for a free map! I love drawing maps by hand for Dungeons & Dragons and other fantasy TTRPG adventures. I have far too many, so I like to give away my maps whenever I can.

This map is grid-less and can be used for face-to-face games or Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, or Foundry! It is 1750 x 1750 pixels in size, which means you can drop it straight into a standard Roll20 grid and it will fit perfectly.

Ramp Dungeon

I noticed I use a LOT of stairs in many of my dungeons, so this one has NONE! Not only is it a nice change of pace, but it’s nicely wheelchair accessible, too.

And don’t start any sh&* in the comments about not wanting anything to do with combat wheelchairs. I think they’re cool – if my players want to play a character in a wheelchair, then they can.

On PC, just right click and save. On mobile, just hold your finger on the image and save.

This map is free to use for non-commercial purposes, as long as you acknowledge me and my website If you want to use it commercially, please send me an email and we can talk terms.

Game On!

Steve 😊

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