Shotglass Adventures: Kal-Zar’s Bane 3: Titanothae Rising in Print!

My new book Titanothae Rising is out now in print and PDF on DrivethruRPG at .

Titanothae Rising is 124 pages long and contains 7 DnD 5e/OSR adventures for character levels 8th – 10th. It’s the third book in the Kal-Zar’s Bane campaign path, however you can play each of the adventures as One-Shots, as each has a One-Shot hook provided!

SHOTGLASS ADVENTURES – Kal-Zar’s Bane 3: TITANOTHAE RISING contains loads of hand-drawn, full-color maps, 28 new monsters & NPCs, 17 new magic items, new towns, villages and region settings, expanded lore + map of Verona Province (the frontier setting for  Shotglass Adventures)!

Available now in print and PDF on DrivethruRPG at .

Game on!

Steve 🙂

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