Laidback DM: Products Available Now!

Hi all!

Far be it for me to spruik for a living, but hey – it’s how I make a living now. So, here are some of my products available on DrivethruRPG in print/PDF/digital. You can buy any or all of these fine products by visiting this nifty little link:

MYPWDF Ad - Laidback DM

Laidback DM Ad - Shotglass Adventures 1 and 2


Laidback DM Ad - Maps

Laidback DM Ad - Cards

And let’s not forget my current Kickstarter for SHOTGLASS ADVENTURES 3: BLACK MERIDIAN HEART, a product that is bigger then Ben Hur and just as ostentatious, but full of great maps, cool adventures, fantastic campaign lore, game aids and great art! Just click on the link down below to support this fine project, which has already opened up its first STRETCH GOAL, with lots more to come!

Kickstarter Shotglass Adventures 3 - Ad5 - Laidback DM

Game on!

Steve 🙂

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