Laidback DM – Free Map! Dungeon A La Carte

Time for a free map! I love drawing maps for D&D adventures. I have far too many, though, so I give them away any chance I get.

This week: Dungeon A La Carte

A simple dungeon map I drew with a 1st-level party in mind. Some easy monsters, a few traps: the north-east room fills with water while the PCs solve the puzzle; the south-east room has two teleporting pools that shift stuff back and forth while gargoyle heads spew poisonous gas; the central chamber is a floor tile puzzle that, when solved, reveals the secret door behind the statue (an easier way to the main treasure room); several trapped and impossibly locked doors; pit traps; triggered floors; undead guardians. Phew!

Dungeon A La Carte - Laidback DM - stevestillstanding copy

Above: Just right click and save.

This map is free to use for non-commercial purposes, as long as you acknowledge me and my website If you want to use it commercially, please send me an email and we can talk terms.

Happy Gaming!


P.S. I’m writing a 52-page book of dungeon maps, adventures, tables and tips! Coming soon!

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2 thoughts on “Laidback DM – Free Map! Dungeon A La Carte

    1. About 50% of my maps are used in my games. I draw a lot of maps lol—some I think of as ‘throwaway’ maps, with no intention of using. I’ve drawn a few landmass maps and I’m using one at the moment that I recycled from one of my earlier campaigns. Eventually I’ll give that one away as well. Sometimes I redraw old maps that I think were a bit dodgy when I did them. The recent ‘Ranisvlad’ map is one I plan to redraw, as I did it pretty quickly and it could have been better. Published it anyway, though lol 🙂


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