Not Without My Calf! A true story of cows, muscle fibres and underinflated ego.

Today, I tore my calf muscle.

For those of you not familiar with the calf muscles, they are not part of a cow, but located on the back of your lower leg. They are important for balance, walking, running and generally being human. When you tear your calf muscle it normally happens high up on the back of the leg. It’s similar to an Achilles tendon rupture – you could be walking or running and then you hear a pop and feel intense pain. In my case it felt like the muscle had left the bone. The muscle has major tears in the fibres (muscles are made up of fibres. These present as striations under the skin in very thin people or lean weightlifters – Dr Steve. Note: not a real doctor).

I was running with my friend’s dog (whom I used to walk when I was house sitting recently, and so I’ve kept up the visitation rights) up a steep, slippery, grassy knoll. Nothing could go wrong in that situation, right? Doh.

So, now I’m down and out for several weeks (more if I don’t let it heal properly, but hey, why would I want to use it earlier than recommended?). This is NOT a good thing. As some of you may know (or none of you, based on the number of views on my blog – just kidding), I’m a bit of a fitness fanatic. I work out four days a week, ride and walk regularly. With this injury I can hardly walk at all.

I am going to go cray-cray.

My fitness routine is part of my mental health regime. It’s a vital part. I’m not a fan of depression, and I don’t like the prospect of slipping backwards as a result of my injury.

It also means I can’t drive anywhere (despite the fact that I drove home VERY painfully). I have a manual car (‘stick’ for Americans), and using the clutch is agony. And doesn’t help my recovery time any. So Kung Fu is cancelled. Psych appointments are cancelled. Dinner with friends is cancelled. D&D is cancelled (NOOOOO!!! Notice how the nerdiest activity is missed the most).

At least I can still do my uni work, blog and write my novel. Maybe it won’t be so bad.

Hmmm, I guess I’ll keep telling myself that.

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8 thoughts on “Not Without My Calf! A true story of cows, muscle fibres and underinflated ego.

    1. Thanks. Because it’s a tear it’s several weeks of rest. There’s three levels, but haven’t been told yet which one my injury is. The third level requires surgery. Hopefully it’s not in that category. 😦


  1. Ouch! there is no other way for the muscle to heal but rest and let the body heals itself. Patience!!! I work out 4 times a week with my hubby. He basically work out on the upper body, me too, take turns to do the sets. then he run same number of days, and ride the mountain bike. When he goes running, I go with him and do walking.
    He strained his calf once, luckily it was not injury to a point he couldn’t walk.
    I tore the tendon of my small finger (without knowing) when I played bowling, my ring finger was stuck in the hole. it was so painful that I support the ball with my little finger. Afterwards, the ring finger hurt so much that I could feel anything wrong with the little finger. The pain was gone, but my little finger is bent, couldn’t have it straight.

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    1. Yeah, rest and recovery is what the doctor advised. I’ve never had an injury like this (strains and sprains, even broken bones, but not a major muscle tear). So I’m incapacitated for a while. Very frustrating! I do lots of leg work in my workouts so it was very unexpected, but apparently it can happen anytime (nice to know!). The healing is important to make sure the fibres repair the right way, otherwise it could affect the integrity of the muscle. Sorry to hear your finger didn’t heal the right way. Luckily it’s just your finger and the rest of you is healthy! 🙂

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      1. Thank you! I did ask the hand specialist. He said if he did a surgery on my little finger, it would bent backward! So I settled with being crooked forward. Yes, let it heal is important. My husband was in a basketball team and injure his finger. He wanted to finish the season. By the time the season was over, the growth interfere the broken bones and couldn’t be fixed. So the immediate healing is important!

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