Despair. A poem.

Despair is not an easy thing:It requires commitment, hard work and lots and lots ofwallowing.Despair requires you dig deep:Determined self loathing is the key, or so they say, all bitter sweet.Despair is a friend to me:Who am I to argue with myRabid and insatiablehypocrisy?Despair is the ghost in me:Hauntingly familiar, cold and wanton heartbreak, sufferingContinue reading “Despair. A poem.”

Failure. A poem.

FailureFocus blurredMyopic hazeHeartfelt lossLofty goalsBeyond surfeit Words ceaseBlack hole lifeNo Man’s LandBullets punctuateThe trench line Horizon, justOut of reachFaded sunsetLimping shadowExhausted Empty tankEndless beachDragging feetThere is no tryJust do For more poetry, click here.

Tunnels and Lights. A poem.

Some short and some long,A storied trail between stops.The intransigent pathRemains dim as you plod.Repudiated by walls That batter your prideAs you wallow in thought Through your long, lonely night.Of hope and return,Towards a beacon, twilight;A promise eternal At the end of the line.The end to the tunnelAnd the path that you’re on.An end toContinue reading “Tunnels and Lights. A poem.”

We Fly. A poem.

We fly in dreamsConjoined and collectedAt heights that mightCall lesser soulsTo vertigo Against windsOf time and tideChurn and changeWe soar and swoopLike angels on the wingAnd grasp and gropeIn the vainest of hopesThat we not loseOurselves to eternity (A deprivation endured:Unbearable, yet bearableEvinced and convincing)Let us fly freeUntil this mortal dreamSheds its final solemn tearAndContinue reading “We Fly. A poem.”

Again. A poem.

And just as quicklyAs we fanned the sparksAnd the flames lickedAnd careened across Our forms unsubtle The light expiredAs we doused the wickAnd thoughts heavyWith hyperboleAngst and fear And honestyFell on deafened earsOnce dear to meI turned awayI shouldered blameAnd dreamed of youJust one more timeAgain For more poetry, click here.

Fathomless. A poem.

And all at once,That special someoneWill keep youHanging on their every wordAs if they were the last branch On the last treeOn the very last island In the very last seaAnd your hopes and dreamsWill be fathomlessThen you’ll f$&@ it up For more poetry, click here.

Dating Abyss. A poem.

I cheer you on into the abyssFrom whence we come and goAlways waiting for our turn To be shot down in mid-flightTarget practice for the aimlessAnd the weary, worn out soulsWho capitulate to inevitabilityAnd take their placeOn the merry-go-round Circling like vultures For whatever scraps remainUntil the ride comes to an endAnd each is depositedContinue reading “Dating Abyss. A poem.”

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Mixed Metaphors. A poem.

My senses crucifiedMy weary soulYour goal To tear me downLike posts atA football riotTo pierce my veins And brainAnd heartAnd leave meWallowingA fish withoutA sea or coastSo I might Lose all sightThe blind amongstThe blindWandering NonsensicallyOn a whimOr on a breezeListing aimlesslyInto the bayWhere this boyWill rest At piersAnnoyedAnd anxiousAnother toyFor you to Cast asideIntoContinue reading “Mixed Metaphors. A poem.”

Visitor. A poem.

You thought you’d drop round and visit meBringing clouds and miseryTo rain upon my weary doorAnd highlight my bleak historyYou thought you’d walk here by my sideAnd plum the depths, right here insideTo cast a shadow over meTo drown me in the deepening tideA visitor, that comes and goesThat wracks my thoughts with heady blowsAndContinue reading “Visitor. A poem.”

Aftertaste. A poem.

You were here, then goneA muse for just a while A bittersweet, infuriatingAftertaste That lingers on my tongueAnd in my thoughts And linesA subtle conclusion To remonstrate And redefine An acidic fingertipDipped in inkBurning tattooed linesIn heart and skinIn remembrance Bygones be bygonesA dear song, loved longMy bittersweetInfuriatingAftertasteYou linger on For more poetry, click here.

How and When. A poem.

I wonder now, what I would sayIf you appeared some sunny dayGracious in defeat/successNever worst and never bestOlive branch or olive oilTo smooth the wayward groundWords succinct and biting tongueTo hold me to account And as I watched you go awayWistful thoughts of now and then Churning heart and roiling brain Then and now, howContinue reading “How and When. A poem.”

The Promise of All. A poem.

The promise of allOf who, wherefore art thouA macrocosm Of possibilityA smile to turn And shake foundations With discord and deceit Thrown awayAs if the promiseWere nothing But an empty boxHow I do wish For you to grace My world againThe promise of allA glittering thingTo envy and need For more poetry, click here.

Random Dream. A poem.

I dreamedOf walking arm in armDown a busy streetThe catchmentFor conversation and courtesy Conspicuously avoided in reality Where admonition and excommunication Were not memoriesBut impossibilitiesFrayed threads torn awayTo never see the light of dayAnd I was blessedTo see and feelHow it should beIf only for a moment In a randomly rememberedDream For more poetry, clickContinue reading “Random Dream. A poem.”

Black Dog Rain. A poem.

Its arrival wasPrompted with expectation, But, like new year’s resolutions,Fraught and overwroughtWith impossible destinations.Almost expectedly, the skiesClouded with ashAnd the dogged rain Turned black;Every footstep becameA baptism of fire. A great darkness nowLingered on the land,Where once great beastsStrode with weary confidence, And evolution Was but a whisper,Millenia awayFrom the Black Dog Rain. For moreContinue reading “Black Dog Rain. A poem.”

Change for Change’s Sake. A poem.

Change for change’s sake?In but a moment:Diaphanous currentsSurging in synapses Alive with chaotic orderAnd artful whimsyPhysical stimuliAnd mental conduitsForming hypothesesAnd convolutionsTactical geometries Measured blindly withWitheringly disturbingAccuracy and graceProclivities and practicalitiesProactively balancedWith erstwhile aestheticsAnd perfected symmetries And in a moment (or few):Change for change’s sake. For more poetry, click here.

One day. A poem.

One day, your face Appeared to meAmong the crowd And I was lostAs I always amIn sight and soundAnd miseryAnd just as soonAs it was found Your face was lostAnd once againI was alone andDrowned, downedAmong the massOf ghosts aroundJust one dayRepeatedlyWound, unwoundAnd lost again For more poetry, click here.

Redundant Sea. A poem.

I awake, afloatOn an ink blackredundant seaOf redundancyAnd think, to sinkWould make a rockOf me, a mockeryTo sleep, you seeWould be idealBut it elusivelyExclusivelyEvades meAll fever dreamsAnd inner screamsThe weight that sinksMe, obscures meI lie awake, afloatOn an ink blackRedundant seaAnd dream of Being anywhereBut here For more poetry, click here.

Alleys. A poem.

Wandered the back alleys of my mindTo this dead end, I arrivedMystified how I lost my wayAnd wondering how I’d get out againLabyrinths are vast and ill-definedBewildering, confusing, by designAnd none provide a straight road home Just when you know you need it most For more poetry, click here.