Training Without Calves (or, Cows With Guns)

See what I did there? Okay, well it sounded funny at the time*. I have been lying in bed recovering from my torn calf for the last week and a half (grrrrr…). Being the fitness-addicted idiot that I am, I decided that it was time to get back to exercising before I went stir crazy.Continue reading “Training Without Calves (or, Cows With Guns)”

The Lesson. A poem.

Fitter than I’ve ever been Big, tanned and super lean All it took was one little tear And suddenly I’m geriatric Limping like an old man Bent over and wizened Amazing how an injury Can make the years catch up A vision of my future? Perhaps, perhaps not I guess I’ll warm up more nextContinue reading “The Lesson. A poem.”

Not Without My Calf! A true story of cows, muscle fibres and underinflated ego.

Today, I tore my calf muscle. For those of you not familiar with the calf muscles, they are not part of a cow, but located on the back of your lower leg. They are important for balance, walking, running and generally being human. When you tear your calf muscle it normally happens high up on the back ofContinue reading “Not Without My Calf! A true story of cows, muscle fibres and underinflated ego.”