I Suck at Social Media.

I have a confession. One that’s obvious to some, especially those who know me. I suck at social media. Social media as a forum is both a treasure and a bane. It’s an information and networking portal and a source of disinformation and anxiety. Not to mention underhanded data collection, stalking, cyber bullying and echoContinue reading “I Suck at Social Media.”

The Book. A poem.

There’s a lot of typing here, Exposition to be done. A hard fought war on grammar And literacy that’s often won. Occasionally a photo finish (A second or a third), Or an error left in print That’s obviously absurd. Another book is done And another now begun: Eighty thousand words or so, The constant toContinue reading “The Book. A poem.”

A Letter.

Hi SS, I know you’re not going to read this. I know these words are simply an elegy sent out into the wires, read by strangers and not the intended. I had never before connected with anyone the way we did. We saw the best and, ultimately, the worst of each other. The ending, likeContinue reading “A Letter.”

Kal-el. A poem.

Sky of blue up here Where cacophony And constancy Plies the airwaves And escape is the stuff Of fantasy Where responsibility Is a tribulation Accepted righteously The world cries In hypocrisy And only a refugee Can address it With moral consistency Two feet on the ground Head in the clouds For more Poetry, click here.Continue reading “Kal-el. A poem.”

Three Years!

Wow. It’s been three years of blogging, poetry, D&D, films, comics, stories and stuff. I trimmed down recently to just poetry and role playing game blogs, but the site is still going strong! 58000+ views, 1000+ posts, 1600+ followers, 3000+ comments (according to my WordPress stats). That’s not bad for a site I originally startedContinue reading “Three Years!”

Influence. A poem.

I have read your words And seen my influence My mind is contours of constancy Of riotous colour and ascendancy My words spill across the canvas Every emotion eagerly revealed A zeitgeist for you to watch And absorb and capture Like a winsome butterfly You take these pieces of me And make them yours ButContinue reading “Influence. A poem.”

The Creator’s Call. A poem.

The call of creation Echoes in my mind, Oscillates in my ears, Reverberates in my soul. This call cannot go unanswered; It is the call of wild and reckless abandon, The puissant grace of the cheetah And the wind rustling the reeds. Every word and image Cast upon the page and melded with my veryContinue reading “The Creator’s Call. A poem.”

Invisible. A poem.

Sometimes, I feel invisible, someone the crowd will never see. The collective and the individual residing here inside of me. Sometimes, I feel invisible, my words a faint reprieve. Their subtlety and subtext, misconstrued and unperceived. Sometimes, I feel invisible, no recognition behind her eyes, to signify a reminder of a long, overdue goodbye. ForContinue reading “Invisible. A poem.”

The Crowd. A poem.

From there, upon his pedestal, he lingered longingly on the crowd surrounding him. Dialogue and dialectic, commentary and whimsical surprise, his cult of personality awake and on the rise. But fate is fickle, as is the crowd and it passed subsequently; a brief rejoinder as it exited, a momentary lapse and then return to unregardedContinue reading “The Crowd. A poem.”

Writer Interrupted: The next poetry book

It has been about a year since ‘The All or the Nothing’, my first book of poetry, was published as an e-book. It’s now available in print, as well. I guess it’s time for the follow up. I’ve been working hard, compiling and editing, designing and laying out the book in Adobe Indesign and Photoshop,Continue reading “Writer Interrupted: The next poetry book”

Save the Poet!

via Save the Poet! Like my poetry? For poems you haven’t seen before, try The All or the Nothing, my first book. It’s available now, in print and e-book formats. Click on the link above to find out how to get your copy, and help save this poor poet from extinction. Cheers Steve 🙂

Winding Down Yet Winding On

I’ve been blogging every day for a little over one and a half years. I’m never short of material and I’m not one of those writers who suffer from writer’s block. No, this is not a ‘brag’ blog. This is my way of saying it’s time to wind back so I can focus more onContinue reading “Winding Down Yet Winding On”

Why do we blog?

Why do we blog? Some say it’s cathartic. Some say it encourages and develops us as writers. A creative outlet. Some say we do it for fun. To get in touch with like-minded souls. Some say they just need to vent—anger, tears, love and fears. Some say they want to inspire. To express their opinions.Continue reading “Why do we blog?”

Haiku Friday: Plebiscite. A haiku.

Plebiscite Having endured so Now, a time of reckoning People’s plebiscite What is a haiku? Glad you asked. Click here to find out more. Cheers Steve 🙂 For more of my poetry, check out The All or the Nothing, my first book, available at most online book sellers in print or e-book formats. Click hereContinue reading “Haiku Friday: Plebiscite. A haiku.”

Upstart Photographer: Things #4

A photo. An accompanying poem. ‘Nuff said. Cheers Steve 🙂 Wall. A poem. You blocked the way, a cantankerous old crone, bleached, cracked and worn, bitter-boned and sun-dried. What use are you when your gaps in memory provide brief passage, your purpose undermined and inconsequential. For more of my poetry, check out The All orContinue reading “Upstart Photographer: Things #4”

The Risk. A poem.

The wash of highlights on your face illuminates more than worry in your eyes. The antecedent calls you back to an enigma, cold-cast in lies, a veil that gently mocks and knocks upon an antiquated door, whose wood-rotted timbers hide a mystery without clues or sleuths to solve them. Your obligation to reveal these truths,Continue reading “The Risk. A poem.”

Moss-less, or begging ain’t so bad…

‘A poor man gathers no moss’, to coin a phrase. Okay, that’s probably a bit stupid, but hopefully it got your attention. For those of you who’ve read my bio or have been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I am a mature-age university student, struggling with depression and living on theContinue reading “Moss-less, or begging ain’t so bad…”

Writer Interrupted: Writing Haiku

What is a Haiku? The Haiku is a poetic form that originated in Japan as early as the 9th or 13th Century, depending on what you read, but wasn’t known by the term Haiku until the 19th century. Want to know more about Haiku history? Click here. Traditionally, they focussed on nature and emphasised simplicity.Continue reading “Writer Interrupted: Writing Haiku”

Poetry. A poem.

When I read good poetry I want to write good poetry But my feeble affectations And wanton masturbations Pale to insignificance When compared to Browning, Whitman, Yeats I yearn to write good poetry The way I yearn to read good poetry But such poetic vastness Just becomes loquaciousness Flowing perspicaciously Away into a vast, uncaringContinue reading “Poetry. A poem.”

What I’ve been watching 2

A few months back I did some mini-reviews of Netflix shows I’d been watching (Australian Netflix – some of these series are on different networks in America and Europe). Here are some more short reviews of what I’ve been watching: Star Trek Discovery Great sci-fi show set in the movie universe pre-Kirk, with Spock’s adoptedContinue reading “What I’ve been watching 2”

The Year of Living Dangerously.

Is love hard to find? In today’s fast moving and super-connected society, it can be. And for those of us who are shy, awkward, socially inhibited, or just plain old, it can be dang near impossible (yeah, old people use ‘dang’. What’s that, they don’t? Oh, shut up). That’s where dating apps come in. NoContinue reading “The Year of Living Dangerously.”

The Poetry Writing Process

Okay, a few people asked me this. I thought I’d oblige with a post. I write the majority of my drafts on my iPhone, while I’m walking, watching TV, or sitting on the toilet (my compositional repository of choice). My writing very much depends on my mood and what has impacted me that day. IContinue reading “The Poetry Writing Process”

Leibster and Versatile Blogger Award Noms—thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks so much to Follypen, who nominated me for both the Leibster and Versatile Blogger awards. You can find Follypen’s wonderful site at this link: https://follypen.wordpress.com/ I’m gonna cheat a bit (as I sometimes do with Award-thingies) and refer you to a previous nomination of mine for some faintly amusing Leibster award answers and questions:Continue reading “Leibster and Versatile Blogger Award Noms—thank you, thank you, thank you!”

It’s a mystery why I’m nominated, but I gratefully accept!

Trudy K at Pinching Words has nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award. Thanks so much, Trudy! As usual I ‘m always a bit flabbergasted at why I get nominated; equally happy and bemused. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate it—I do! As to this award, there’s some indicia I have to list: TheContinue reading “It’s a mystery why I’m nominated, but I gratefully accept!”

Waiting, wanting, waning.

I’m waiting at the Legal Aid office to get some advice about my upcoming property settlement. Needless to say it’s a dull experience, punctuated by the typing on my iPhone, the shuffle of papers, the muffled choke of a straining air conditioner and the murmurs of hushed and sullen conversations. It’s not as depressing asContinue reading “Waiting, wanting, waning.”

A Poor Poet’s Cause

I’m putting together a book of poetry to self-publish, hopefully before Christmas. I’m working on whittling the two hundred plus poems I’ve written over the last nine months down to about fifty, as that’s the general size of most poetry books. The book will include some poems I’ve published on this site and new workContinue reading “A Poor Poet’s Cause”

What do you want to write?

What are the issues that you especially want to talk about / celebrate / examine in your stories? There are a lot of stories in the world. There are many more hovering in the random threads and wings of my head. They long to burst forth from their cocoons, bright and beautiful butterflies ready toContinue reading “What do you want to write?”


So, I’ve posted a few things about writing. Not that I’m an expert or anything, but readers seem to like me rambling on. I’ve made it a ‘thing’ (I like to do that–‘Haiku Friday’ anyone?). So, now you can find all the posts grouped under Writer Interrupted in the menu. It saves me from creatingContinue reading “Writing…stuff.”