Failure. A poem.

FailureFocus blurredMyopic hazeHeartfelt lossLofty goalsBeyond surfeit Words ceaseBlack hole lifeNo Man’s LandBullets punctuateThe trench line Horizon, justOut of reachFaded sunsetLimping shadowExhausted Empty tankEndless beachDragging feetThere is no tryJust do For more poetry, click here.

Tunnels and Lights. A poem.

Some short and some long,A storied trail between stops.The intransigent pathRemains dim as you plod.Repudiated by walls That batter your prideAs you wallow in thought Through your long, lonely night.Of hope and return,Towards a beacon, twilight;A promise eternal At the end of the line.The end to the tunnelAnd the path that you’re on.An end toContinue reading “Tunnels and Lights. A poem.”

We Fly. A poem.

We fly in dreamsConjoined and collectedAt heights that mightCall lesser soulsTo vertigo Against windsOf time and tideChurn and changeWe soar and swoopLike angels on the wingAnd grasp and gropeIn the vainest of hopesThat we not loseOurselves to eternity (A deprivation endured:Unbearable, yet bearableEvinced and convincing)Let us fly freeUntil this mortal dreamSheds its final solemn tearAndContinue reading “We Fly. A poem.”

Again. A poem.

And just as quicklyAs we fanned the sparksAnd the flames lickedAnd careened across Our forms unsubtle The light expiredAs we doused the wickAnd thoughts heavyWith hyperboleAngst and fear And honestyFell on deafened earsOnce dear to meI turned awayI shouldered blameAnd dreamed of youJust one more timeAgain For more poetry, click here.

Life in a Faded Moment Available in Print!

Hi all, My fourth book of poetry, Life in a Faded Moment, is now available in hardcover and PDF at Drivethrufiction! Life in a Faded Moment is a collection of poems for all your fated and faded moments – poems about Love, Sorrow, Anger, Death and Life. You can buy it at Cheers SteveContinue reading “Life in a Faded Moment Available in Print!”

Mixed Metaphors. A poem.

My senses crucifiedMy weary soulYour goal To tear me downLike posts atA football riotTo pierce my veins And brainAnd heartAnd leave meWallowingA fish withoutA sea or coastSo I might Lose all sightThe blind amongstThe blindWandering NonsensicallyOn a whimOr on a breezeListing aimlesslyInto the bayWhere this boyWill rest At piersAnnoyedAnd anxiousAnother toyFor you to Cast asideIntoContinue reading “Mixed Metaphors. A poem.”

Visitor. A poem.

You thought you’d drop round and visit meBringing clouds and miseryTo rain upon my weary doorAnd highlight my bleak historyYou thought you’d walk here by my sideAnd plum the depths, right here insideTo cast a shadow over meTo drown me in the deepening tideA visitor, that comes and goesThat wracks my thoughts with heady blowsAndContinue reading “Visitor. A poem.”

Aftertaste. A poem.

You were here, then goneA muse for just a while A bittersweet, infuriatingAftertaste That lingers on my tongueAnd in my thoughts And linesA subtle conclusion To remonstrate And redefine An acidic fingertipDipped in inkBurning tattooed linesIn heart and skinIn remembrance Bygones be bygonesA dear song, loved longMy bittersweetInfuriatingAftertasteYou linger on For more poetry, click here.

Fractured. A poem.

A fractured existenceBroken bones/broken heartEnduring, crawlingStriving to forgetOn splintered limbsForged in pain and regretTime heals allBut feel the filigree linesAll cracks and calcified Where movement grindsAnd creaks and groansTo melancholy rhymeReminded constantlyTo heal, one has to hurtBreaks and sprains, a legacyThat never truly mendsAnd never truly diesNostalgically Shattered bonesAnd shattered dreamsObtuse perspectivesRegrown but never straightEveryContinue reading “Fractured. A poem.”

Vacant Block. A poem.

Here lay a vacant block,Strewn with the detritusOf travellers, neighbours,And vagrant necessity. Overgrown and empty,Awash in a sea of cynicalDisregard and circumstance.You found it there,A fine purchase, almost lost In the crowd of lotsAnd auctioned showpieces.You bought the block and builtIt up, like Rome in a day,Or perhaps Pompeii.A vacant block, reborn,Renewed and reconciledAnd broughtContinue reading “Vacant Block. A poem.”

Another Day. A poem.

Another day and dollar downIn the exhibition of yearsTrials and tribulationsMeted out like punishmentsConfined and minimisedResigned and popularisedAnd every walk aloneIs a walk nearer the edgeThat threatens to toppleMansions to the groundAnd make mountains From molehills So I persevereResilience found and lostAn erstwhile friendIn a heart-shaped boxTime and time and time againI wander throughAnother dayContinue reading “Another Day. A poem.”

Primal. A poem.

I rise to the occasion Dragged forth from Primordial ooze Fashioned from mud And precocious instinct Who are you to say Who I am or who I should be Just because I’m not The way you envisioned me I am primal Forged in fire and fission And I will Rise to the occasion For moreContinue reading “Primal. A poem.”

Wounded Heart. A Poem.

Alas my wounded heartLimped homeward from the warThe bayonets dug deepRevealing every jaded flawMy long recoveryMany memories to store A traumatic state of mindInfected deep within my coreAlas my wounded heartOne day you’ll rise againTo walk the fields of No Man’s LandEvery thicket, every fenWhile the bed holds you immobile Dreams filled with there andContinue reading “Wounded Heart. A Poem.”

Weightless. A poem.

The core of beingScooped out Like ice creamLeft to melt it seemsOn the kitchen side Sugary, sticky residue The uncomfortable remainsOf purpose and memoryJust a smearWeightlessA hollow shellA phantom Walking hallsSandwiched covers onA pageless memoirA fiction without meaningWithout character Revealing all and nothingLeft in betweenWeightless For more poetry, click here. To find out more aboutContinue reading “Weightless. A poem.”

Juxtaposed. A poem.

How can one’s surrounds Be such aching bliss Where all the light and shade Should meld as one, sublime? Yet inside, the cloying dark; The whispers and the thorns That tear a soul apart And leave the shell to die? For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for theContinue reading “Juxtaposed. A poem.”

The Riddle. A poem.

This riddle: This trial of decay Has shaken me from my Wide-eyed stupor And recruited me To a war of consequence Where life and limb And bold indecision Bear me back To suffering and pain Until the riddle’s solved I play and lose the game For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry,Continue reading “The Riddle. A poem.”

Winged but Won’t. A haiku.

See them spread their wings; The implicit irony Is they never fly. For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely and Hopelessly Endangered and The All or the Nothing, available in print. Click here to find out how to get your copy.

Essence. A poem.

The essence of your smile Wrought with heavy heart And tempered word Would smite me where I stand And deliver me to chaos Where misdirected logic floats Wildly on a sea of chance For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely and Hopelessly Endangered and TheContinue reading “Essence. A poem.”

Still. A poem.

I think of you still And wonder whether you’re still you Wandering through routine and habit and ritual Each picture perfect rainy day in May A pallet mix of awkward reds and blues I should know better Because hindsight is clearer in the rear view Because everything that leaves us bitter Must have happened forContinue reading “Still. A poem.”

Crash Course. A poem.

This is a crash course In crash courses (Life is funny Like a cartoon Slapstick, yet profound And breaking your heart) This is a crash course And this train wreck Is just about to start For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely and Hopelessly EndangeredContinue reading “Crash Course. A poem.”

I Do. A poem.

I long for a reprieve From life and death Misery and regret All the hooks A chorus of fools Making me sing along As if I had a choice to Oh, wait I do For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely and Hopelessly Endangered andContinue reading “I Do. A poem.”

Face to Face. A haiku.

Face to face, again. Faced with reality, we Shrink back in our shells. For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely and Hopelessly Endangered and The All or the Nothing, available in print. Click here to find out how to get your copy.