Southward. A poem.

On the black tar veld,Surrounded by beastsAnd wavering heat.We travel the path: Forever southward,Across lost lands,‘Neath forgotten stars.Here, Hand-in-hand,Ear to the wind,Avoiding pitfallsAnd predatorsThat might bring us low,Wary yet unawares, Forever on, we go.Because we are lostIn each other’s talesAnd each other’s mindsAnd each other’s souls;And from here on in,We will always Share this road.Continue reading “Southward. A poem.”

Fathomless. A poem.

And all at once,That special someoneWill keep youHanging on their every wordAs if they were the last branch On the last treeOn the very last island In the very last seaAnd your hopes and dreamsWill be fathomlessThen you’ll f$&@ it up For more poetry, click here.

How and When. A poem.

I wonder now, what I would sayIf you appeared some sunny dayGracious in defeat/successNever worst and never bestOlive branch or olive oilTo smooth the wayward groundWords succinct and biting tongueTo hold me to account And as I watched you go awayWistful thoughts of now and then Churning heart and roiling brain Then and now, howContinue reading “How and When. A poem.”

One day. A poem.

One day, your face Appeared to meAmong the crowd And I was lostAs I always amIn sight and soundAnd miseryAnd just as soonAs it was found Your face was lostAnd once againI was alone andDrowned, downedAmong the massOf ghosts aroundJust one dayRepeatedlyWound, unwoundAnd lost again For more poetry, click here.

Splinter. A poem.

Time moved on and so did IBut every fleeting momentI feel the splinter A vestige of youBurrowing to my head and heartSlicing as it goesAs tenderly as a razorAnd as comforting as a viceIf I had a needle I’d thread a camel through itAnd gouge that splinter outTo leave all thoughts of youBehind for goodOrContinue reading “Splinter. A poem.”

Wounded Heart. A Poem.

Alas my wounded heartLimped homeward from the warThe bayonets dug deepRevealing every jaded flawMy long recoveryMany memories to store A traumatic state of mindInfected deep within my coreAlas my wounded heartOne day you’ll rise againTo walk the fields of No Man’s LandEvery thicket, every fenWhile the bed holds you immobile Dreams filled with there andContinue reading “Wounded Heart. A Poem.”

Essence. A poem.

The essence of your smile Wrought with heavy heart And tempered word Would smite me where I stand And deliver me to chaos Where misdirected logic floats Wildly on a sea of chance For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely and Hopelessly Endangered and TheContinue reading “Essence. A poem.”

Still. A poem.

I think of you still And wonder whether you’re still you Wandering through routine and habit and ritual Each picture perfect rainy day in May A pallet mix of awkward reds and blues I should know better Because hindsight is clearer in the rear view Because everything that leaves us bitter Must have happened forContinue reading “Still. A poem.”

F$&@ed Me Over. A poem.

You F$&@ed me over And under And in between Just a waste paper memory Consigned to a basket Of inconsequence And suddenly I’m not there And never was I was just your forbidden fruit Turned too ripe and rotten For consumption And suddenly You F$&@ed me over For more Poetry, click here. For more ofContinue reading “F$&@ed Me Over. A poem.”

Pariah’s Game. A poem.

Fire and ice; divergent tangents Burning, steaming; circumventing logic Interconnected; beyond precedents We were one and then we lost The game that made pariahs of us both For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely and Hopelessly Endangered and The All or the Nothing, available inContinue reading “Pariah’s Game. A poem.”

Book Store Brevity. A poem.

You were standing there And I was standing here Surrounded by the things We longed for and adored And neither of us knew (But of course we did) In our ignorance and arrogance We turned and passed away Flipped destiny the bird And wrapped ourselves up In hypocrisy and humdrum All the while wondering WhatContinue reading “Book Store Brevity. A poem.”

Gameshow. A poem.

Sometimes, I remember you: The time, the place. Wrapped up in whimsy, In solace and solitude. All left behind In an unforgiving instant, Bereft and bellicose, Yet screaming for more. Sometimes, I remember you: But hindsight And familiarity Don’t always match The gameshow called reality. For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry,Continue reading “Gameshow. A poem.”

The Turning Wheel. A poem.

Pain in body, heart and everlasting soul Amplified by every tale of hurt and loss and woe Pain that fights and tears and breaks a good man’s heart Until there’s nothing left from which to start Pain that shapes the way we grow and bend and think Pain that moulds our fears and makes ourContinue reading “The Turning Wheel. A poem.”

Proprietary. A poem.

These proprietary feelings Wrapped up and bowing out Sweeping across the space between Like tumbleweeds on a dusty street No claim to stake, all sight unseen No provision in this contract Just proprietary feelings And the thought of you and me For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry forContinue reading “Proprietary. A poem.”

Drawn 2. A poem.

Drawn 2 your flame 2 ashes reduced 2 rise again 2 return & burn Drawn 2 this fate For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely and Hopelessly Endangered and The All or the Nothing, available in print. Click here to find out how to getContinue reading “Drawn 2. A poem.”

Back. A poem.

You went away Journeyed far Through flaxen fields And bauxite dust History replayed Without rewind moments A tenseness between Interspersed with Rear view lightness And sanitised propriety A photographic record Of colours and hues Revealing the distance You’ve come and overcome So glad you’re back For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry,Continue reading “Back. A poem.”

Embrace. A poem.

I remember your embrace Enfolded and ensured Encapsulating all and nothing Bittersweet and banked upon Softly sweet and silky smooth And as fettered and lasting As a dream I remember your embrace And the downy remorse That feathers every memory Of the loss For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry, check outContinue reading “Embrace. A poem.”

A Loss. A poem.

I feel the absence The missing jigsaw heart That once made me whole And now makes me hole I feel every teardrop Every rip and tear Every shake and rattle And every distant sigh I feel the darkness These clouds and storms That weather and wither My very being An emptiness That can’t be filledContinue reading “A Loss. A poem.”

Share. A poem.

Would that I could share this success with you? All the excess and fortune Pointing to moments unsolicited And gratuitous and circumspect All these worlds and words Of self doubt and self pity Replaced by self esteem And confidential confidence Would that I could share this success with you Even if only for one lastContinue reading “Share. A poem.”

Sunlight. A poem.

Clouds upon an onion soul A lattice of incidental grief Whispering and blowing Winds of contentious intent Shimmering summer rays Cannot pierce this veil This black hole that crushes All in its event horizon Each season cries “winter” An icy arctic freeze Knowing no end or beginning I’m frozen in time and place But thenContinue reading “Sunlight. A poem.”

Why? A poem.

I can see your place When I turn the corner. I’m shifting gears, Downshifting and slowing, Braking and breaking To the sound of singing tyre tread And siren goodbyes. Such a short time, But what a time. And how we wished It would last and would be different From all the times before, When emptyContinue reading “Why? A poem.”

Bittersweet. A poem.

You were there You were gone We had sung Our last swan song Now a whisper Just a pall Just an echo Heard in the halls I did wrong So did you Two separate paths Two lonely fools For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, LonelyContinue reading “Bittersweet. A poem.”

Vexed. A poem.

Why do you continually vex me so? And how much further Must we go? You want my ear And the rest of me Yet all I ask Is some interest In the things I do And say and need And yet that’s too much To ask, it seems Far too much For you to doContinue reading “Vexed. A poem.”