The Search for Everything. An album review.

Being a poor student I don’t often buy new CDs (how times have changed—in my previous middle class existence I would buy two albums a week). Being a guitar player I (sometimes) gravitate to guitar-oriented music. Such is the case with John Mayer’s newest album, The Search for Everything. (I’m going to refrain from commentingContinue reading “The Search for Everything. An album review.”

Three Loves. A Haiku Trilogy.

Film Lover Movie watching love My shared escapism Better with a friend Tabletop Gamer Playing RPGs Becoming a new person Only for a night Guitar Player Guitar strings strummed Emote in rhythm and rhyme Musicality

Adele – 25. Sing ‘em loud! A Review.

I’m a big fan of Adele. She has an amazing range to her voice and the tone has an earthy, time worn quality to it. She also revels in songs about lost love, which, being the sad sack that I am, I’m particularly fond of. So if you’re not a fan, you may as wellContinue reading “Adele – 25. Sing ‘em loud! A Review.”

Chris. A poem.

He shined On every stage A voice that made you Take notice A guitar Burning and churning Changing lives Through music But inside Thoughts and pain Burning and churning Shadows and rain Low Black hole sun Dragging down Crushing him Who could see What would come To be To take a life So unexpectedly IntoContinue reading “Chris. A poem.”

House Sitter – epilogue

My friends got back from the cruise, unfortunately two of the five were sick for most of it (doh!). Following are a couple of things I learnt while housesitting in the center of town: I love living in the center of town (everything is sooooooo convenient) I don’t cook when I’m living in the centerContinue reading “House Sitter – epilogue”

House Sitter #8 – productive week

I’m house sitting for one more day, recording songs I’ve written over the last year. Wow! It’s been a great run. I’ve finished recording nine of my songs, and I’ll work on another this afternoon.  Addendum: Finished ten songs! Woo hoo! 🙂 My friends return from their cruise tomorrow. The house is in good order,Continue reading “House Sitter #8 – productive week”

House Sitter #7 – clock’s ticking

I’m house sitting for the next two days, recording songs I’ve written over the last year. Finished the very funky ‘Home’ this morning, just re-doing vocals and backing vocals for ‘Believe’.  Time’s running out, and I have this week’s uni work to look at. No long walks today (sorry, doggie). Have a great day 🙂

House Sitter #6 – arranging awesomeness

I’m house sitting for the next three days, recording songs I’ve written over the last year. Worked on ‘Light the Way’ last night and this morning (walked the dog, rang Mum and wished her a happy Mother’s Day – hey, I already got her a card and present). The song has turned out great. IContinue reading “House Sitter #6 – arranging awesomeness”

House Sitter #5 – walking daze

I’m house sitting for the next four days, recording songs I’ve written over the last year. Lots of dog walking today. As well as food shopping, clothes washing, dish washing (too many washings!). Clocked up over 10kms of walking (not washing). After dinner I’ll work on a new song called ‘Light the Way’. I’ve decidedContinue reading “House Sitter #5 – walking daze”

House Sitter #4 – out of the dumps

I’m house sitting for the next five days, recording songs I’ve written over the last year. Right. No depression today, I’ve got things to do. I revisited the songs I screwed up yesterday, saving one from evisceration. I rebuilt it with the motto “less is more”. Also finished the vocals on another track I startedContinue reading “House Sitter #4 – out of the dumps”

House Sitter #3 – dark dregs

I’m house sitting for the next six days, and recording some songs I’ve written over the past year. Aghhh! Woke up this morning terribly depressed (as I sometimes do) and demotivated (Why? When you suffer from depression it just happens). I couldn’t get out of bed until just before lunch. To top it off IContinue reading “House Sitter #3 – dark dregs”

House Sitter #2 – the 2nd song. Sort of…

I’m looking after a friend’s house in the city for the next seven days, and I’ve decided to record a number of songs I’ve written during the past year. After walking the dog this morning, my laptop (the one I use for recording which runs a normally very stable version of Windows XP) decided toContinue reading “House Sitter #2 – the 2nd song. Sort of…”

House Sitter #1.5 – 1st track awesomely completed, thank you

I’m looking after a friend’s house in the city for the next eight days, and I’ve decided to record a number of songs I’ve written during the past year. I love inner city loving! I’ve walked 10 kms today (I’m a fan of walking, especially trails and paths I haven’t walked before. Bit like life,Continue reading “House Sitter #1.5 – 1st track awesomely completed, thank you”

House Sitter #1 – recording is a dog’s life

I’m looking after a friend’s house in the city for the next eight days, and I’ve decided to record a number of songs I’ve written during the last year. After dropping my mate off at the train station, getting confused by his reverse stick shift (crazy foreign cars!), setting up my gear, playing with theContinue reading “House Sitter #1 – recording is a dog’s life”

Mine. A poem.

Each chord falls into place Unruly magic flying forth In the act of creation and composition Notes and rhythms coaxed From lucid fingers like pixie dust Sound and motion realised from imagination Lyrics profound or immaterial Whatever I choose to make them Power to please or to confound This is my music: I play itContinue reading “Mine. A poem.”

House Sitting and the Musical Muse

Next week I’ll be looking after my friends’ house as they go on an overseas cruise. They live in the centre of town near the beach (tough break, huh?). I was planning to use the time to read, blog, do uni assignments and play Xbox, but then I had a great idea. I have aContinue reading “House Sitting and the Musical Muse”

Integrity Blues: Jimmy Eat World (album review)

Album: Integrity Blues Band:  Jimmy Eat World Label: RCA records (Sony) Length: 11 songs, 47 minutes Summary: Deep and thoughtful, dark-edged alt-rock from the fan favourites Jimmy Eat World is an American alt-rock band hailing from Arizona. Darlings of the alt-rock and indie scene, they are have previously released eight studio albums. Their newest release, Integrity Blues,Continue reading “Integrity Blues: Jimmy Eat World (album review)”

A Tsunami of Taking Back Sunday Goodness – ‘Tidal Wave’ album review

American alt-rock band Taking Back Sunday have an alt-rock sound verging on punk. They’ve released their seventh studio album, titled Tidal Wave, in Australia a few months ago. As usual I’m catching up.

Rock Cliché in Spades (“Night People” album review)

You Me At Six are an English alt-rock band with four successful albums under their belt. They’ve released a new album, Night People.

Night People is short and to the point, clocking in at just over 35 minutes for 10 songs. It has a polished and commercial sound, leaning heavily on 70’s and 80’s hard rock influences.

The Muso Who Said: No More! Or was it no, more…

I have been a serious musician for about 25 years or so. I play guitar, drums, bass, keyboards and sing. I write my own music and have made seven albums. (And, yes, I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to my music – so, sue me.) I have very broad musical tastes; I like metal, punk, jazz, pop, funk, rap, classical, and opera, to name a few styles. But in all my time as a serious muso, I have never, ever admitted to liking the music of Taylor Swift.

Sting’s “57th & 9th” – a review through the eyes of a jaded muso

The first thing that struck me when comparing 57th & 9th with Sting’s previous material is how stripped back it is. His recent reunion tour with The Police has been an obvious influence. I saw Sting playing live on TV the other night and he had a three-piece backing band supporting him as he played bass, rather than the large ensembles he usually tours with. The material on 57th & 9th has a leaner production and drier mix than previously (tighter, less involved arrangements and less reverb, for those not in the know).