Maps for Fantasy RPGs 6 is Available on DrivethruRPG!

Available at DrivethruRPG:

DMs and fantasy TTRPG designers always need maps, but they’re not always easy for people to make, especially if you want a particular hand drawn aesthetic that you can’t get with digital map making applications.  Maps can be expensive to commission, and when you’re a small indie TTRPG game or product designer, your profit margin can be tight on every product.

The solution: MAPS FOR FANTASY RPGs 6: a Digital Maps Package containing hand drawn, full color maps – royalty free and ready to use in your next private or commercial print / digital / streaming project!

Designed to inspire you creatively, these maps are ideal for any situation – design an entire adventure around one, use a map as a fill in or one-shot, or ad lib entirely as your players stumble across one.  There are maps of all kinds: dark dungeons, spelljammed ships, ruined castles, temples, city boss lairs, cavernous caves, cutthroat-filled smuggler’s lairs and more!

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3 thoughts on “Maps for Fantasy RPGs 6 is Available on DrivethruRPG!

    1. Hi Will,
      I normally draw all my maps by hand on paper with sharpies, then scan them and color them in Adobe Photoshop. Recently I’ve been drawing on an IPad Pro using Procreate, then either adding spot colours there (I’m still learning Procreate) or exporting it to Photoshop for colouring.
      Steve 🙂


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