The Goblin Jarl is Available on DrivethruRPG!

THE GOBLIN JARL is the 12th adventure in the SHOTGLASS ROUNDS series! This 66-page PDF adventure is compatible with both 5e, Old School Essentials (OSE) and OSR retro-clones based on Basic/Expert and includes 5e and full OSE monster stats!

THE GOBLIN JARL is for 2nd-Level characters and can be played as a One-Shot or as the second adventure in the DUNGEON DUUMHAVEN series.


  • 11 new monsters, including new Goblin and Hobgoblin types!
  • 4 new magic items, including the ancient dwarvish machinera armor
  • Bonus lore for Verona Province and the lost city of Shun-Zin!
  • Full color DM and Player maps!
  • Full OSE/OSR monster stats!
  • Full OSE/OSR and 5e rulings!
  • OSR rules for incorporating 5e rules into your favorite OSR system! 

So many different ways for your players to mold the story: all-out assault; quiet and sneaky infiltration; playing off one side against the other; pure exploration; raising their own goblin horde to take on the Jarl. And more!

Check it out now at

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