SHOTGLASS ADVENTURES: ‘Lurkers’ & ‘The St. Avon’s Day Massacre’ are Available on DrivethruRPG!

SHOTGLASS ADVENTURES  rides again!    Lurkers  and The St. Avon’s Day Massacre  are the newest adventures in the popular Shotglass Adventures PDF One-Shot series!  Both are fully play-tested One-Page One-Shots for 5e and OSR systems for 3rd-4th level characters, including full stat blocks with both old and new 5e and OSR/1e monsters, plus grid and grid-less maps. And all for just $3 AU (about $2.00 US). You can find them at For more LaidbackContinue reading “SHOTGLASS ADVENTURES: ‘Lurkers’ & ‘The St. Avon’s Day Massacre’ are Available on DrivethruRPG!”

Laidback DM: Notes on the Creative Process

Hi all, I’ve been asked in the past about what creative process I use in developing adventures and TTRPG products. Here’s a shortened version of an article I originally wrote for my Shotglass Rounds #11: Duumhaven adventure (available on DrivethruRPG). Hopefully it answers some of your questions. Please note that my process can vary fromContinue reading “Laidback DM: Notes on the Creative Process”

The Goblin Jarl is Available on DrivethruRPG!

THE GOBLIN JARL is the 12th adventure in the SHOTGLASS ROUNDS series! This 66-page PDF adventure is compatible with both 5e, Old School Essentials (OSE) and OSR retro-clones based on Basic/Expert and includes 5e and full OSE monster stats! THE GOBLIN JARL is for 2nd-Level characters and can be played as a One-Shot or as the second adventureContinue reading “The Goblin Jarl is Available on DrivethruRPG!”

DUUMHAVEN now available on DrivethruRPG!

DUUMHAVEN is the 11th adventure in the SHOTGLASS ROUNDS series! This adventure is compatible with both 5e, Old School Essentials (OSE) and OSR retro-clones based on Basic/Expert. It is the first SHOTGLASS ROUNDS adventure to include full OSE monster stats! DUUMHAVEN is a 70-page PDF that includes Duumhaven Valley and Village, a fully detailed wilderness and town setting, complete with NPCs, new monsters and side-missions, plus an adventure for 1st-Level CharactersContinue reading “DUUMHAVEN now available on DrivethruRPG!”