Shotglass Rounds #8-10 now Available on DrivethruRPG!

SHOTGLASS ROUNDS are PDF-only One-Shots for 5e – they’re flexible, convenient, exciting adventures in a compact package that won’t have DMs spending hours preparing for their next game session.

Each One-Shot is designed for a 4-5 hour game and includes cool art, two new monsters, two new magic items, and full-size grid and grid-less maps.

The latest Rounds include three quests with dastardly pirates, sickening undead, evil underworld monsters, immortal Orcs and feathery dragons!

Get them now at DrivethruRPG, either individually or as part of the huge 10 Shotglass Rounds Bundle!


Steve 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Shotglass Rounds #8-10 now Available on DrivethruRPG!

  1. Hi. We played “Where’s Wollee” yesterday to start our loose level 1-10 campaign along the Shots.
    All went quite well. They attacked the Orcs and had to be rescued by Dala. They didn’t really find any red herrings but searched for the horse a loooong time. Had to end it “off screen” when they found the bloody shirt and brought it to Dala. She just broke down and told them everything.
    I’m quite pleased, but in retrospect we think the whole story would be smoother if not Laddee comes in at the start to get the adventurers but Bromley. The butler would have to be the one in town friendly towards Wollee and thus be the only one searching for him. The rest could go as written.

    It was fun, especially playing all these Half-Orcs and Orcs. I gave them all some. Kind of cookie monster personality but one who could talk (and think) normally.

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    1. Hi Jens,

      Not sure if you played the updated, longer version of the adventure or the compressed (original) version. The longer version contains more hints on how to run mysteries and provides additional structure for the NPCs and ‘red herrings’ – it’s a little easier for beginner DMs to use.

      I’ve playtested the adventure several times with different groups and it has worked out well each time. Every DM is different, and every group that plays will make different decisions. What’s good for one group isn’t for another. As DMs we help to control how the adventure flows in terms of pacing, information, reveals and action. Mysteries can be harder to run than traditional adventures because of the increased emphasis on player deduction and hypothesis. There is also a greater need to improvise where players go off track as there are many options for them to pursue due to the non-linear nature of the investigation/mystery.

      Thanks for the feedback – I’m glad you had a good time playing the adventure with your group!


      Steve 🙂


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