MAPS YOUR PARTY WILL DIE FOR 3: THE WILD – now in print and digital!

MAPS YOUR PARTY WILL DIE FOR 3: The Wild is the direct sequel to MAPS YOUR PARTY WILL DIE FOR 2: Mega Dungeon! You can get the book and digital maps package now at DrivethruRPG at

The Book:

The 136 page DM’s Workbook, designed to be used with or without the MYPWDF3 Digital Maps Package, contains 52 full color, hand drawn, interconnecting maps plus random tables to help stock them.

Every wilderness map includes a planning page for you to record notes, either before or during play! It serves as a permanent record of your ultimate wild, which saves you storing endless loose sheets.

YOU decide what’s in your wilderness.

Every page is YOUR adventure.

The Digital Maps Package:

Laidback DM’s Maps Your Party Will Die 3: The Wild Digital Maps Package is a collection of 104 hand-drawn, grid and grid-less 1750 x 1750 pixel JPEG maps designed to be used with virtual tabletop platforms or to be printed and displayed/connected on your IRL tabletop. The maps also come with a limited commercial license allowing you, the purchaser, to use them royalty-free in your own commercial or private publication projects.

These maps are system-neutral and can be used with any fantasy game.

This package can be used by itself or with the MAPS YOUR PARTY WILL DIE FOR 3: The WILD DM’s Workbook, which is a print book with all the maps contained in this package, random tables and pages to stock or record notes about your wilderness. 

You can get them now at DrivethruRPG at


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