Why? A poem.

I can see your place
When I turn the corner.
I’m shifting gears,
Downshifting and slowing,
Braking and breaking
To the sound of singing tyre tread
And siren goodbyes.

Such a short time,
But what a time.
And how we wished
It would last and would be different
From all the times before,
When empty promises and vague circumstances
Made the weight of everything
So much less
Than ought.

Defences raised,
A call to arms,
And suddenly every scrutiny
Seemed ridiculous
And uncalled for.
Lingering at the door
Without a last word,
All left for text messages,
Bound to be misconstrued.

Every fire burning (b)right
Was put out in the storm
That followed.
Harsh rains
And lightning wit
To paint a picture
Few artists would admit to.

And that was it.

Another tally on the board,
But not one you or I wanted
To be scored.
Not a picture perfect ending,
Not a thank you or goodbye.
Just a shopping list
Of indignations,
And a lonely question:


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Published by Laidback DM

I’m a writer who loves tabletop role playing games, poetry and (you guessed it) writing.

4 thoughts on “Why? A poem.

    1. Hi worryless, and thanks. Every poem I write is related to my life in some way. Some are quite direct, such as this one, while others are amalgams. I have suffered from depression my whole life (which I manage much better now) and that often impacts my work. I tend to find that I write better when I feel bad – the literal ‘tortured artist’, as it were. 😊


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