Save the Poet!

The All or the Nothing is the first book of poetry from Steve, little-known author of eclectic poetry, writer, musician and blogger. And endangered species.

Inside, you’ll find 62 poems about love, depression, madness, insecurity, anxiety, fear, heartbreak, dating and various other morbid subjects. It’s enough to turn you to drink. Oh, there are poems about that, too.

The All or the Nothing is available as a print book for $10.00AU by clicking on

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

or available as an e-book for $5.99AU from the following distributors:

Kindle/Amazon (this link should take you directly to your region’s Amazon site. If it doesn’t, go to Amazon and type the all or the nothing Stephen Thompson in the search bar)  


Google Play


Barnes and Noble bookstore

iTunes (iBooks)

  • It’s a bit expensive on iBooks (Damn you, Apple!), but you just have to open the app store and search for it

Please support Steve, a literally starving artist, in his quest for truth, justice, meter and rhyme.

Help save him, along with all poets, from extinction. Your donation will go a long way to ensuring these sad and ever-lonely beasts continue to write and work in the most iniquitous and appalling of conditions.


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