Laidback DM: Treasure Alternatives

All too often, treasure seems to be the major incentive for PCs to complete missions and quests in fantasy role playing games. So what about something else just as beneficial? Here’s some ideas for things that are just as useful as mo money, that could be offered as alternative rewards for jobs: An ongoing discountContinue reading “Laidback DM: Treasure Alternatives”

The Cycle. A poem.

The cycle is constant Together, alone I long for the instant Until I’m finally home I endure and I crave The simplest life Where my soul is saved By my family and wife But the cycle is constant Together, alone The cycle is constant Until I’m finally home For more of my poetry, check outContinue reading “The Cycle. A poem.”

Laidback DM: Pathfinder 2e Review

I bought copies of the Pathfinder 2nd edition Core Rulebook and Bestiary the other week, and after a solid read (they are over 600 and 200 pages respectively) here are my thoughts on the game. Pros: Great layout and design – tabs and index make it easier to find stuff. The PDF is also fullyContinue reading “Laidback DM: Pathfinder 2e Review”

Your Eyes, an Ocean. A poem.

Your eyes, an ocean Setting me adrift at sea Just one miscalculation and Suddenly there’s No star to guide me Your eyes, an ocean Subtle ocean homily Expounding on a sailor lost and Anxiously not Where he’s meant to be Your eyes, an ocean Given a sextant to perceive Directly and indirectly and This distanceContinue reading “Your Eyes, an Ocean. A poem.”

Laidback DM: Keeping Secrets

Are you one of those DMs who finds it hard keeping secrets from your players? This may be the case if you see your players regularly, through work, school or at the pub, and enjoy talking about your game. You may find it’s hard not to blurt out some spoilers. But think about it. SpoilersContinue reading “Laidback DM: Keeping Secrets”

Upstart Photographer – Knighted Tree

Poetry and photography, live together in perfect harmony (to paraphrase Paul McCartney). Cheers Steve 🙂 Knighted Tree Armoured and encrusted Barnacled and salted Prepared to joust For your ocean’s honour Your everlasting foe The ever-shifting shore For more Upstart Photographer, click here. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely andContinue reading “Upstart Photographer – Knighted Tree”

Laidback DM: Easier Encumbrance

Do you use the encumbrance rules as written in 5e? I don’t. I find them…cumbersome, if you’ll excuse the pun. Of all the rules brought across from the various old editions, counting weight in pounds and applying it to a factor multiplied by strength is just tedious. There’s enough math in the game without thatContinue reading “Laidback DM: Easier Encumbrance”

Wallflower. A haiku.

Wallflower unfurls Petals reach towards the sun Longing for its touch For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely and Hopelessly Endangered and The All or the Nothing, available in print or e-book formats. Click here to find out how to get your copy.

Laidback DM: Alignments in Games

Alignments are a leftover from the days of old school role playing. Originally there were three—Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic. Then Mr. Gygax decided in AD&D that he’d spice it up a little by adding Good, Neutral and Evil suffixes to provide a bit more clarity. But are alignments necessary in a D&D game? Players andContinue reading “Laidback DM: Alignments in Games”

Binge. A poem.

Timed and untimed, A chaos of raindrops Upon a sleepy roof Filling gutters and trailing Spume in snail trails That wind their way Drinking toasts to those Whose evaporation From the scene Left such a hole In awkward conversation. The clink of glass And amber froth Disappeared in the wake Like reeling in the catchContinue reading “Binge. A poem.”

Laidback DM: Shotglass Adventures II available in print!

The products from my last Kickstarter, including Shotglass Adventures II, are now available in PDF/print on DrivethruRPG. Here’s a look at the printed version of the book: SHOTGLASS ADVENTURES II For D&D 5e and other OSR fantasy role playing games. • 10 one-shot adventures for characters of 6th-10th level, including murder, dungeon crawl, gauntlet, planar,Continue reading “Laidback DM: Shotglass Adventures II available in print!”

Laidback DM: Playing in the Sandbox

So what exactly is a sandbox? And how does it relate to RPGs? ‘Sandboxing’ is where you let your players loose in the world to do whatever they want. Give them a map and they decide where they go and what they do. Consequently, the world is built around their actions. It’s a bit likeContinue reading “Laidback DM: Playing in the Sandbox”

Too Many. A poem.

Too many regrets upon my worn and well-used slate, to be reviewed when l stand alone at Heaven’s gate. No just reward for me, I’m told. The chains won’t break that bind me to this certain and uncertain fate. I’ve tried my best, or so I thought. Never too late to reverse the course, toContinue reading “Too Many. A poem.”