Laidback DM: Saving Throws – the Nat 20 Bonus

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So you scored a natural 20 on that saving throw? Awesome. You passed. Doesn’t sound as great when you think about it, now does it. But what if you got something a little extra to celebrate with?

Here’s some ideas that won’t break the rule bank. Obviously you only get to choose one of these each time:

  • You get 20% extra experience point for making it through the trap. If no experience is allocated, you receive a 200 XP save bonus instead.
  • If making the save meant half damage, you now take a quarter.
  • If you made the save against an attack or poison, you now have resistance to that type for 5 minutes.
  • You gain an automatic save against the next save of the same type e.g. if it was a CON save, you make the next CON save automatically without rolling.
  • Your HP are topped up by 10. If you are already on max HP, you gain 10 temporary HP.
  • You gain Inspiration, which you can use to replace any D20 roll you fail.

So next time you roll that natural 20 during the save, look on the bright side and let Lady Luck send a little bonus your way.

Game on!

Steve 😊

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13 thoughts on “Laidback DM: Saving Throws – the Nat 20 Bonus

  1. Yes! I love bonuses and mechanics like this that make the PCs look (and the players feel) more awesome. Immediately adopting these. Thank you!

    (And yes, balance, schmalance. Usually.)

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      1. Another great topic would be “The secret life of a DM”
        As in you can’t reveal spoilers to your friends.
        I have a painting blog, paint models for our game, but can’t bring myself to post pictures of the models until they have been used in a game 😛

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