In Between. A poem.

Would that I could
this universe asunder
to bring you that much
closer to me.
So near our timid
fingertips could
so near we could taste
each other’s stuttering
exhaled breath
and our carbon dioxide
could mingle
like salient

Every rapid-fire conversation
and reluctant discussion
disguised as
or immersive peer review,
hiding behind saturnine
of bifurcated emotion.
How similar we are
(and yet how antithetic).

Still, the space between
no matter how much I long for it.
Is that a glimpse of
the real you,
I see?
Is that visceral desire you
harbour for

Dream on, my friend,
in the infinite space left
in between.

My first book of poetry, The All or the Nothing, is available now as an e-book from most online distributors. To find out more, click here.

Published by stevestillstanding

I’m a writer who loves tabletop role playing games, poetry and (you guessed it) writing. Occasionally I have something to say...

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