No Muse. A poem.

I have no muse And so my words Flow winsome And aimless Waltzing on To chaotic beats And tiresome chords Waiting for one To lead me back To place my foot Upon the boards To find the fire And burn it bright To shape the cadence Of my heart Until I should sway And careenContinue reading “No Muse. A poem.”

Alike. A poem.

Does she sit and cry? Does she pray at night, as I? Does she feel the patina of a life less inspired? Does she mirror my repose and ask the question: why? Perhaps we are, more or less, Alike. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely and Hopelessly Endangered andContinue reading “Alike. A poem.”

Perilous Logic. A poem.

Oh, perilous logic, cast me upon the jagged knives of your perspicacity. Take these ramshackle emotions and reduce them to tears, aimless fears and accidental truths. When my ego is broken, my perspective becomes the precarious precipice upon which I’m choking. Oh, perilous logic, I believe in you at my behest. When it comes toContinue reading “Perilous Logic. A poem.”

The Midnight Hour. A poem.

In the blackest, midnight hour, wandering perpetual halls, wondering if you’ll clear your dreams of demons and finally get to sleep. Your trackless thoughts always return to her and her alone; You grasp your hands and suddenly she’s there—your futile ghost. Perhaps you’ve lost your pleading mind, far from the brink of sane, until theContinue reading “The Midnight Hour. A poem.”

Rose-Colored Glasses. A poem.

The rose-colored glasses slipped away and I saw you as you really are, crowned in wishful thinking and spoilt disparity of thought, overwrought, less than I expected and more than I assumed. I guess I didn’t know what I wanted, or why you made me blue, just another misdirected convolution leading me astray, as always.Continue reading “Rose-Colored Glasses. A poem.”

You and I. A sonnet.

I am found: tears and fears and blind, wandering far from the font of my regrets. The nurtured pain in me enshrined, to forgive and finally to forget. The prisons in which we held ourselves have run their long and lowly courses; we languished apart within those hells, and now, together, walk without pause. TheseContinue reading “You and I. A sonnet.”

Just Another Day. A poem.

There’s a hush across the savannah Blinking eyes raised to the dawn As I find my balance for the day My first steps are always awkward Morning coffee jumpstarts my brain Some cereal, milk and platitudes Pick up my guitar and strum awhile As aimless as I feel, so uninspired Your chair is empty, asContinue reading “Just Another Day. A poem.”

Fealty. A poem.

My fealty to you remains unchallenged by stray thoughts, unlike alley cats on the prowl, sidling and voracious, with impropriety in mind. For more of my poetry, check out The All or the Nothing, my first book, available at most online book sellers in print or e-book formats. Click here to find out how toContinue reading “Fealty. A poem.”

Hurricane Heart. A poem.

Transfixed by you, statuesque in the hurricane, riding tempestuous slipstream currents— a goddess of hail and happenstance. You’re a lightning rod, attracting joules and fools like me, incontrovertibly shattering stratospheric records like a pheromone cyclone. After your storm has passed, and the sun breaks the clotted clouds, I’m the only windswept survivor: shaken, stirred, shocked,Continue reading “Hurricane Heart. A poem.”

Avoidance. A poem.

I avoid you when I see you, now. Not ships passing in the night but rather garbage scows, no more trashy encounters or the like. No potential head-ons or man overboard, now endlesss drunken shanties to help me smile While in my mind I sing long of discord, blue notes to accompany my alibi. AndContinue reading “Avoidance. A poem.”

Save the Poet!

via Save the Poet! Like my poetry? For poems you haven’t seen before, try The All or the Nothing, my first book. It’s available now, in print and e-book formats. Click on the link above to find out how to get your copy, and help save this poor poet from extinction. Cheers Steve 🙂

Fell For You. A poem.

I don’t know why I fell for this— it was obvious you were oblivious, and my dreams were cloaked in pointlessness. I don’t know why you caught my eye, why I invested all my precious time creating a melodious portfolio, that you alone inspired. Who did I want you to be when you looked onContinue reading “Fell For You. A poem.”

Reach. A poem.

I reach And ellipses of time and motion Quixotic Remote-controlled emotion The loving contentment of the discontented Repeated over and over Masticated and Manipulated in my head Like daffodil moments and chloroformed thoughts Venting in subspace A dream prison Of complexity and indecision From finish to start and ending with a question: Where Are YouContinue reading “Reach. A poem.”

The Pantomime. A poem.

The tears keep me awake at night; they burn my eyes and ducts, sodden flames licking, smoke broiling, consuming the room of my head until I’m fit to choke on all the pointless condescension, spluttering, unkempt, raw and misbegotten. Soaked in a pantomime of longing and rejection until the show is over. Those tears remain,Continue reading “The Pantomime. A poem.”

Haiku Friday: Strong. A haiku.

Strong You are my true strength Pumping bloodline of my heart Unquenchable fire What is a haiku? Glad you asked. Click here to find out more. Cheers Steve 🙂 For more of my poetry, check out The All or the Nothing, my first book, available at most online book sellers in print or e-book formats.Continue reading “Haiku Friday: Strong. A haiku.”

Quake. A poem.

I have spoken long with you so many, many times, each airy conversation measuring low on a Richter scale that never rises much beyond the surface— no evidence of my success just artful whimsy it never shakes your earth. Just once I’d have you see beyond the artifice I’ve set in place, to the real,Continue reading “Quake. A poem.”

Intoxicated. A poem.

I was so into you— every thought, every move, was a riot of ecstasy that shook me to my core. More than destiny, more than waking dreams or midnight fantasies. You were the bottle and I was the alcoholic reaching for just one more drink; just a crazy intoxicant, a fevered dream that burned meContinue reading “Intoxicated. A poem.”

Plague. A poem.

Why do you still plague me, so? To inhabit me like a parasite, gouging out my pale insides? Churning up my hopeless dreams like milk into aromatic cheese, to accompany sides and crackers, all the pieces left of me. I tried to clear you out, to tear up those thoughts of you that lingered inContinue reading “Plague. A poem.”

Haiku Friday: Longing. A haiku.

Longing Longing for the one Who will make every sunrise Better than the last What is a haiku? Glad you asked. Click here to find out more. For more of my poetry, check out The All or the Nothing, my first e-book, available at most online book sellers. Click here to find out how toContinue reading “Haiku Friday: Longing. A haiku.”

Fumes of You. A poem.

Your scent was different, lingering in my nostrils, a whiff of nostalgic free fall and extra sensory motion. The fumes of you twisted around me and consumed every pore and fibre of my unwholesome being. Should I have let that smell overwhelm me as it did before when I threw subtle caution to the heedlessContinue reading “Fumes of You. A poem.”

Vagrant Heart. A poem.

And now every time I pass by you, I remember when you were my muse. My inspiration, a living rhyme to hang my aching heart, in time.           (I could and did, ‘til I was blue,           write many volumes, just for you.        Continue reading “Vagrant Heart. A poem.”

The Cycle. A poem.

Strangers, friends, lovers, then strangers again. Lovers and strangers, but no longer friends. It seems it’s a cycle we’re doomed to repeat. A cycle of madness, one we just can’t escape. No matter how we try to break the cycle each time, we always end up back at the start of the line: strangers, friends,Continue reading “The Cycle. A poem.”

The Difference. A poem.

Not the same, not the way it was before, even though it was nothing less and nothing more, it’s not the same. Just a shame it’s not like it was before, even though it could never be, of that I’m sure. Such a shame. No one to blame, and neither here nor there or anythingContinue reading “The Difference. A poem.”

Meteor. A poem.

You are the meteor slicing my heavens to the quick, scorching my atmosphere without regret. And when you hit my ground cleaving my earthy heart and spreading its detritus far and wide, I’ll willingly accept your carnage with arms as wide as oceans. Because when we are one, the strata and fossil record will tellContinue reading “Meteor. A poem.”

Signal Fire. A poem.

This indolence tosses me like autumn leaves, mere whispers in the breeze. Corkscrewing ever round, intoxicated by thoughts that reminisce amongst far flung ports-of-call. These empty seas would remit me unto an isle, stark, sun-bleached and worn, smoothed by time and vapid waters. From here I could scrutinise the present and the past, incongruent exhortationsContinue reading “Signal Fire. A poem.”

Horizon. A poem.

In the setting sun, a hazy miasma of watercolours spilled, an adventitious mix of variegated textures and tones. With every highlight and every shifting coruscation, I think of you. This miracle horizon cannot compare. The All or the Nothing is my first e-book of poetry, available at most online book sellers. To find out howContinue reading “Horizon. A poem.”

Believe in Love. A poem.

Believe in love. Believe so ardently that your heart burns from the pain of longing, loss and subtle expectation, a flame that reduces you to dying embers at the thought of that special other. This aching lamentation is for the cold shouldered, the one who got away, the one who stole your anxious soul. ExploreContinue reading “Believe in Love. A poem.”

Juncture. A poem.

At this juncture, decisions made: A change of season, a chance parade. At this juncture of no return, no looking back at bridges burned. At this juncture, we’re laid to rest in hallowed ground, without contest. At this juncture, the time has come to decide our futures ‘til time’s undone. The All or the NothingContinue reading “Juncture. A poem.”