Free Dungeon Map!

Time for another of my (currently) irregular Laidback DM posts, and a new free map! Map drawing for D&D adventures is my thang. I have far too many maps, so I’m giving them away every chance I get.

This week: They Came from Outer Space!

You can use this map for any type of RPG, but the protagonists are obviously aliens/robots of some kind. For D&D, I’d fill the place with Clockwork Huntsmen and Clockwork Mymidons (from publisher Kobold’s wonderful Tome of Beasts), with the installed laser turrets firing as per high level Magic Missile spells when PCs walk over the touch plates. Sprinkle a bunch of Clockwork Hounds and various oozes through the ship.

For good measure, why not have a bunch of Bearfolk (see Tome of Beasts) pinned down in the main area by clockworks, with the PCs having to either join them or fight them for access the ship.

In the big cave on the other side of the crashed ship, place some big alien Boss Monster. I’m sure you can create one or find something suitable.

They Came from Outer Space - 20x13 - stevestillstanding

Above: Actual map is 13cm x 20cm. Just right click and save.

This map is free to use for non-commercial purposes, as long as you acknowledge me and my website If you want to use it commercially, please send me an email and we can talk terms.

Happy Gaming!

Steve 😊

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