The Laid back DM – Mini-Reviews

Hiya all! It’s been a while since I reviewed any tabletop role playing games (“What the?!” I hear you say. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check out this link here). Without further ado: Vagabonds of Dyfed This lovely little game was the result of a recent Kickstarter. It’s an elegant little system,Continue reading “The Laid back DM – Mini-Reviews”

Free Dungeon Map!

Time for another of my (currently) irregular Laidback DM posts, and a new free map! Map drawing for D&D adventures is my thang. I have far too many maps, so I’m giving them away every chance I get. This week: They Came from Outer Space! You can use this map for any type of RPG,Continue reading “Free Dungeon Map!”

Top Ten Tabletop Role Playing Games

The top ten list of my current favourite tabletop RPGs…