The Search for Everything. An album review.

Being a poor student I don’t often buy new CDs (how times have changed—in my previous middle class existence I would buy two albums a week). Being a guitar player I (sometimes) gravitate to guitar-oriented music. Such is the case with John Mayer’s newest album, The Search for Everything. (I’m going to refrain from commenting on Mr Mayer’s purportedly douchey private life. He’s a great guitarist and song writer and I admire him for those things, rather than his tabloid exploits.)

After a few country-tinged albums, Mayer has returned to his blues-funk roots. The twelve songs showcased here are sad and remorse-filled tales of heartbreak, love, drunkenness and loneliness (hmmmm, my four favourite things, it seems). The lyrics, like most of Mayer’s other work, reflect a deep personal melancholy that obviously strike a chord with me.

Still Feel Like Your Man is the funkiest and best cut, and had me grooving out and marvelling at Mayer’s tasty and ample riff work. Other faves included the punchy Helpless, the tasty instrumental title track, funk-filled Moving On and Getting Over and poignant piano strains of You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me.

Mayer’s singing and playing is top notch throughout, and as usual he surrounds himself with top musos to back him up, including regulars Steve Jordan on drums and Pino Palladino on bass.

I know Mayer is not the mega-selling artist he used to be, but The Search for Everything demonstrates aptly that he is still an amazing song writer and musician, who struggles with his personal demons. Just like the rest of us.

Heartily recommended.

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15 thoughts on “The Search for Everything. An album review.

      1. One of the best modern song writers and guitar players around. May be like yourself, he has got me through some dark times. He’s very life affirming. I recall many times walking on the beach, feeling lost and finding comfort in his words.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I’m also a guitar player and have loved his style. Don’t know anything about his personal life as I haven’t listened to much the last few years. Glad to know he’s got some good stuff out there again. You’ve made me want to check it out. 😉

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  2. My sister is a great fan, that’s how I got introduced to his work. I’m more piano oriented, but guitar always brings me that feeling of hidden passions and restlessness.

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    1. That is an awesome song. One of my all time Mayer faves is ‘My Stupid Mouth’, off his first album (I am known for putting my foot in my mouth, and I soooooo identify with it lol). It has the best lyrics, including this great line: “I played a quick game of chess with a salt and pepper shaker.” 🙂

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