Focus. A poem.

You are my focus.
Without you I am a blur,
a hazy remnant lurking
on the periphery of this
sun-scorched existence.

You are the prism
through which I shine.
You are my multiplicity of light,
an enchanted, technicolour spectrum,
illuminating my darkness,
and showing me the way.

The All or the Nothing is my first book of poetry, and if you like what you’ve been reading then you’ll love it! To find out how to get a copy, click here.
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Published by stevestillstanding

I’m a writer who loves tabletop role playing games, poetry and (you guessed it) writing. Occasionally I have something to say...

3 thoughts on “Focus. A poem.

  1. Love the energy of this, but to play devil’s advocate: what happens when you define “you”. In English, we teachers call it the ubiquitous you – the undefined in a story that leaves the reader wondering. It is insinuated here that ‘you’ is ex-lover, but what if eliminated the ambiguity by replacing ‘you’ with something tangible? Is you God, stability, purpose? I am rambling, sorry. It’s the teacher in me. I’ll be quiet now.

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    1. Hi VJ! As ever, you are very insightful! You are quite correct, the poem is deliberately ambiguous. I originally wrote it about a special woman, but then realised it also reflected my love for God. It can be interpreted in a number of ways, and will mean something different depending on the reader’s interpretation 🙂

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