My Prayer. A poem.

My prayer is for today And yesterday and tomorrow, For every lost soul counting time, Standing rooted to the spot. Perhaps one day you’ll learn To get on the road And into the headlights Of a truckload of realisation, That may, somewhat ironically, Bring you back to life. For more Poetry, click here. For moreContinue reading “My Prayer. A poem.”

Too Many. A poem.

Too many regrets upon my worn and well-used slate, to be reviewed when l stand alone at Heaven’s gate. No just reward for me, I’m told. The chains won’t break that bind me to this certain and uncertain fate. I’ve tried my best, or so I thought. Never too late to reverse the course, toContinue reading “Too Many. A poem.”

Cast. A poem.

Line cast before the storm, Sent and received Let waters churn Offer up your burdens And your soothing grace So that the tide might carry All concerns beyond This harbour’s boundaries And out into the wide And yearning sea. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely and Hopelessly Endangered andContinue reading “Cast. A poem.”

Elixir. A poem.

The elixir that drowns is a draught without measure, a flood like no other, an unstoppable well. ‘Tis the sweetest lifeblood, and an undying treasure brings me all the more closer to the place where He dwells. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely and Hopelessly Endangered and The AllContinue reading “Elixir. A poem.”

Haiku Friday: The Promise. A haiku.

The Promise Holistic vision: a promise swaddled in truth. Future redemption. Haiku is a Japanese poetic form with a strict 5/7/5 syllable and line structure. Cheers Steve 🙂 I write a lot of poems, some from my head, some from my heart. Many don’t appear on this website. For more of my poetry, check outContinue reading “Haiku Friday: The Promise. A haiku.”

Your Road. A poem.

Before me is asphalt, an active metaphor. My journey’s just begun, never ending or undone, upon this path I’ll drive, forever sanctified. On the eternal road of life Your cross will be my guide. I write a lot of poems, some from my head, some from my heart. Many don’t appear on this website. ForContinue reading “Your Road. A poem.”

Eternal Grace. A poem.

Upon the cross, through time inured You gave Your life, so pure and true. For mankind’s untold sins and strife, You left this world when time was nigh. Beyond the pale of man’s disgrace, bequeathed the world eternal grace. I write a lot of poetry, some of which comes from my head, some from myContinue reading “Eternal Grace. A poem.”

Night, Again. A poem.

Night, again and here I am, pondering the specificity of my unctuous requests, enraptured and Heaven-sent on the backs of clasped palms, no random incidental tests of charm. Every night I thank Him there, for faith and hope and grace, every single day I share. all part, this humble life under His long forgiving stare.Continue reading “Night, Again. A poem.”

Focus. A poem.

You are my focus. Without you I am a blur, a hazy remnant lurking on the periphery of this sun-scorched existence. You are the prism through which I shine. You are my multiplicity of light, an enchanted, technicolour spectrum, illuminating my darkness, and showing me the way. The All or the Nothing is my firstContinue reading “Focus. A poem.”

The King Spoke. A poem.

The King spoke upon the mount to thousands who’d come far. His words would change the world. Did he know how much? Yes, he did. The same way he knew He would be betrayed, and on his cross on Golgotha, His Father would forsake him, then raise Him from the dead. Did He know HisContinue reading “The King Spoke. A poem.”

Invincible. A poem.

I’m alone against the storm, wearing custom-fitted armour, courtesy of the Lord. I’m a lone wanderer in form, but my way is assured, courtesy of the Lord. I’m a fighter on the boards, wearing gloves of solid steel, courtesy of the Lord. And I’m invincible, a man of principles. Courtesy of the Lord. . IContinue reading “Invincible. A poem.”


Yesterday was the three-year anniversary of the worst day of my life. Those of you who are regulars will know that I celebrated (rather insanely) by walking 24 kms. But before I did that I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and had an epiphany. Despite the fact that three years ago I lostContinue reading “Rebirth.”

Family Lost. A poem.

There are rabbits in my back yard Each day they rise to greet the light With eager noses, seek daily bread While the alpha, tall and bright Watches oh, so protectively Together, the family eats again I had a family once like them It now feels like so long ago I loved them so, myContinue reading “Family Lost. A poem.”

Grave. A poem.

I am promised eternal life But am I worthy? I have His grace And for this I am thankful But I still carry guilt For sins forgiven Something I Can’t forget or forgive And so I thank Him for His grace But I will carry this pain To my grave

The Question. A poem.

It’s a question One we all ask ourselves When no one else is there to ask When we think God is no longer listening When we feel low When we feel empty When we feel betrayed When we are hurt and in pain Why? Why me? Why is this happening? Why are you doing this?Continue reading “The Question. A poem.”

Haiku Triplet

Ego Trap Ego overtook Speed trap coming up on right Slowing down, humbly FHL Faith, hope, love, always Far beyond the veil and pale My belief in you Trigger Gripping the gun tight Trigger finger, so itchy Targets never know   Haiku, haiku, haiku! I loves it, yes I does, precious! 5/7/5 syllables, precious. GoodsContinue reading “Haiku Triplet”

Pedestrian. A poem.

Some of us run wildly through life, without care or concern for the consequences. Some of us tread cautiously, looking both ways, weighing the odds.
Some of us let our fears overcome us, and before we know it, we’re approaching middle age and still don’t know how to avoid life’s oncoming cars.

That’s an Online Dating Fail! (Or, Strike One)

I joined up with a Christian online dating service a week or so back (get the lowdown on why, here). I received a contact from a lovely lady; we emailed back and forth, then texted, then spoke on the phone, and texted. We set up our first face-to-face meeting, to have coffee and see a movie together.