New Goal. A poem.

I often ideate about endless sleep,
when the lights are dim, and my thoughts are deep.
I sought it once, but I screwed it up
(if I wait forty years, I’ll get what I want).

My new long term goal:  stay   awake   for  my   son,
keep him wide-eyed at the wheel, to avoid a collision.
To overcome the challenges that his life does present,
to learn some much needed life experience.

Then I can have my endless, dreamless, painless sleep
from which I can forget about all of this.

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10 thoughts on “New Goal. A poem.

  1. Mm, yes, it’s definitely hard to be one of us who struggles to find joy in staying awake. It was years before I knew I had found my reason for keeping my eyes open, ready to live my life.

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      1. Yes, I guess I was going too abstract in how I worded my reply – I was reading the poem as having to do with suicide. It certainly has been a struggle of mine, and it took me a while to find a reason to keep on living. Sorry for the confusion 🙂

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  2. I became a solo mum when my youngest was 2yrs and i had post natal depression.
    Over time, i realised that my children were my reason for living. I couldnt think of anything worse than abandoning them to make their own way in life. That son is 36 next week and i am thankful of spending time with him.
    I now have 3 grandchildren too, so nice to enjoy them too.
    You will reap the rewards when your son becomes an adult Steve. I’m 100% sure of that😎. Stay strong😊

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    1. Hi Mairi, my son is an adult, now—he’s just turned 20 lol. I wrote this poem a few months back but the actual suicide attempt was four years ago. I’ve written a few poems about it over the years, all of them posted on this blog. My son means everything to me; I’ll never do something so stupid ever again 🙂


  3. Bless our kids for giving us strength and purpose when we can’t find it for ourselves. This poem works well metaphorically too and reminds me that we cannot save our children from their own life journey’s only be there to keep believing in them.

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