Guide to the Unrequited Love Affair

Unrequited Love. That thing you have when you don’t have a thing—Clayton’s love (okay, only oldies may get that joke). Here’s a short guide on how to do it:

  • Fall in love with a person who is far too good for you, or is unobtainable. This could be a ‘love at first sight’ thing, or it could be a love that develops over time. Like a bizarre rash or a mild fungal infection.
  • Realise they are far too good for you, so avoid them whenever you can. Make sure you beat yourself up about not being good enough for them.
  • Learn to be miserable most of the time. If you’re already depressed this will simply reinforce how badly you feel about yourself.
  • Try and organise your time so you can run into them by chance. This will fail miserably, of course, because you have no idea what their schedule is as you were previously avoiding them and thus don’t know them that well.
  • When you do run in to them, make sure your conversation precludes any indication that you like them. Once they leave, beat yourself up about how stupid you are. Be miserable.
  • Realise you don’t know really know the person you’ve fallen for and that your conception of them is an idealised fantasy. Beat yourself up some more about how stupid you are.
  • See your unrequited love in public with another person, assume they are together and beat yourself up about it. Find out later this is not the case. Beat yourself up about how stupid you are.
  • Write poetry to reflect your passion and your sad and sorry state of mind. Realise your unrequited love hates poetry. Ensure that your unrequited love never sees your poetry.
  • Spend sleepless nights agonising over why you love this person and how you’re not good enough for them. Be miserable.
  • Find out the person you love is now in love with someone else and write more poetry to address how badly you screwed up. Get used to being miserable. (Oh, you already are. No worries.)

Note: No stalking! It’s weird enough that you’re in unrequited love with a person you don’t know that well, but don’t push it over the line into creepy/illegal territory. 

Come on people! Now you know how to fall in unrequited love, get out there and get to it! A whole new world of infinite yearning and morbid sadness is waiting for you!

Of course, you could try another tack, which is asking said person out and seeing if they say ‘yes’. But that would be too simple for your overly-complicated and insecure mind, wouldn’t it?


Steve 😉

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I’m a writer who loves tabletop role playing games, poetry and (you guessed it) writing. Occasionally I have something to say...

20 thoughts on “Guide to the Unrequited Love Affair

  1. And I only thought that falling in love with someone “online” was weird – it seems that it can happen with real life people that are adored from afar. Or course, the connecting reason across both scenarios is the work of the good old amygdala. Apparently it has been liked to getting a hit of cocain.

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  2. Lordy Lordy ain’t it just the truth!! HA HA I had to laugh out loud at how true it is and how many people I have talked to who have been in this situation. I wasn’t in a position to tell them that they actually WANTED to me miserable but the truth it is no doubt! 🙂

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  3. Oh Lord Steve, you’ve summed it up so perfectly. Why the hell do we torture ourselves day in and day out. Worse in my case as the object of my affections happens to be a friend…yes yes more stupid and miserable thoughts await me tonight in bed lol!!

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