Forgotten. A poem.

Blinkered, leading the way from behind This train of thought left the station long ago Left you standing vacant on the platform Waiting for another to come along But you’ve forgotten who you are And they’ve forgotten you and your scars Consideration and commiseration Time to come in from the cold For more Poetry, clickContinue reading “Forgotten. A poem.”

Your Eyes, an Ocean. A poem.

Your eyes, an ocean Setting me adrift at sea Just one miscalculation and Suddenly there’s No star to guide me Your eyes, an ocean Subtle ocean homily Expounding on a sailor lost and Anxiously not Where he’s meant to be Your eyes, an ocean Given a sextant to perceive Directly and indirectly and This distanceContinue reading “Your Eyes, an Ocean. A poem.”

Aged. A poem.

Cranky at the portents: The breeze, it smells of winter, Even though the summer Has settled in Like a squatter, rent-free, Taking advantage Of your misdemeanours. Have your eyes aged With the rest? Or are you seeing as you did Before the withered cheeks And dragging jowls, When everything was new And you were innocentContinue reading “Aged. A poem.”

Day Trip. A poem.

Drive across the aimless asphalt, seeking ventures gained and lost. Your hand is soft in mine, the patina of your skin a road map of anxious lines and weary learnings. Today the sun and hills call forth, in a circus maximus fanfare, full of rolling fields and girdled cows; ecstatic lens flare in every vista,Continue reading “Day Trip. A poem.”

New Face. A poem.

I am the ripple that turns the tide, the plaintive cry that shakes the world, the angry soul that brings the pain, the lonely man, slowly gone insane. Every time I turn around I see my new face and it haunts me. The All or the Nothing is my first e-book of poetry, available atContinue reading “New Face. A poem.”

Wrecked. A poem.

My gallants and topsails, tattered, torn and twisted; shrouding the devastated deck like grasping lichen on a forest floor. My ship creaks and moans, weary and spent from the storm; a mass of broken timbers, of shredded hopes forlorn. The watery maelstrom pulls be down, slaking this unholy, melancholy thirst, grasping my hull solemnly inContinue reading “Wrecked. A poem.”

Perspective. A poem.

I face my window Pale droplets obscure The external world In my tiny womb I turn To face another day If you liked that, then you’ll love the poems in my first book The All or the Nothing! And at just $5.99 for 62 poems, that’s less than 10 cents a poem! To find outContinue reading “Perspective. A poem.”

Surrounded. A poem.

Here I am, surrounded, my enemies on all sides. A pincer movement designed to take my pride. Am I not deserving of my pain? Am I not due comeuppance? I have unintentionally misled, miscommunicated my intent. I have been vain and bent out of shape and arrogant. So, let them come. Let my enemies closeContinue reading “Surrounded. A poem.”

Hollow Tree. A poem.

I’m just a                hollow         tree on less than           hallowed     ground. My sap is drained and pain, profound. Within this forest, where my cries ring loud I’m just a               hollow  Continue reading “Hollow Tree. A poem.”

Haiku Friday: ‘Mourning Flowers’, a Haiku trilogy.

Mourning Flowers 1. The flowers in bloom, painted like rainbows in June. Yet, you tear them down. 2. You cast them aside, like radioactive waste. And now: here you are. 3. They are reminders of all you’ve reaped and sown and lost. Mourn your life.

City of the Lost. A poem.

I looked to the city. The lights were on, but nobody was home. I was alone. I expected dust devils to whirl as I walked through my world. Behind every door a Marie Celeste, of empty chairs and still full plates. Always alone. Wherever I looked reigned emptiness, yesterday’s news and mild distress. The dustContinue reading “City of the Lost. A poem.”

The Loneliness of Being

So what is life when you’re alone? Many might say life is what you make it: that if you’re alone you make the best of the situation. But for others being alone is a wasteland that sucks the essence of their soul and leaves them a withered husk. Unfortunately, I fall into that category. It’sContinue reading “The Loneliness of Being”

On the Shelf. A haiku trilogy.

Lost Another friend lost Empty space upon the shelf Whispered remembrance Alone Walking in my sleep Dreaming alone as always Isolationist Reflections Friendship, charity? Mature reflections adrift Empty shelf beckons Friendships can be hard to find and to keep, especially as one grows older. If you’re an introvert it can make it even harder. It’sContinue reading “On the Shelf. A haiku trilogy.”

Three Years Later…

So, here I am, three years after the most harrowing time of my life and everything is pretty much still the same.  I’m not any closer to finding a real purpose. I still have no love in my life. I’m still socially isolated. I still have no idea what I’m doing (my prayers sound likeContinue reading “Three Years Later…”

Starving Man. A poem.

I am a starving manHungry for love and lifeIntentionally bulimicMy stomach groansReminder of my hunger strikeSurrounded by the feastConfounded by the choiceArms too weak to takeEyes too dim to seeLips parched and belly swollenThe starving man stumbles onHungry for love

Amongst the Ashes. A poem.

Some daysI want to open my wristsAnd let them breath in reverseTake the irony of my existencePaint it in the colourOf lonelinessEmptinessHopelessnessAnd watch it flowSlowlySurelySluggishlyDown the porcelain sinkThat holds all my pointless dreamsAnd wash them awayMaybe thenI'll find sweet reliefAmongst the ashes Choose life. Every time. Don't give in to suicide. Life is too preciousContinue reading “Amongst the Ashes. A poem.”

For Sale. A poem.

For sale Older model Chassis in fine shape, no rust Engine in good condition Fiery but reliable May need a lick of paint And new tires Great long term investment Won’t let you down Can be driven hard Or from A to B Whatever your fancy Some wisdom and insight required Best or nearest offerContinue reading “For Sale. A poem.”

The Wall Between. A poem.

I built a wall Between the two A wall to separate The me and the you Bricks and mortar High as the clouds And when I was finished It stood tall and proud But even with a wall I could feel you there So I watched the wall With a longing stare Because I realisedContinue reading “The Wall Between. A poem.”