Mummy’s Curse. A poem.

Stricken with A mummy’s curse To waste away To slough and spurt As bodies melt Into emptiness Prognosis lost And second best A life lived short And lost again Unfulfilled A sea of pain This mummy’s curse Will take you down And leave you wanting In the ground For more Poetry, click here. For moreContinue reading “Mummy’s Curse. A poem.”

Steak Sandwich. A poem.

Brown, blood-streaked breadcrumb entree Built to serve Consistently It roils and rocks In the mouth, awash Then on it floats Sea of acid wash A meal of kings A grand entry Ignominious exit Consistency Brown, blood-streaked A warning bell To the doctor, now And time will tell For more Poetry, click here. For more ofContinue reading “Steak Sandwich. A poem.”

The Fault in Our Stars. A book review.

It seems I can’t stop reading profoundly affecting books. A friend of mine loaned me John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, the mega-selling young adult novel about two teenagers in cancer remission who fall in love. “You’ll need some tissues,” she said, and she wasn’t wrong. This book brought me close to tears onContinue reading “The Fault in Our Stars. A book review.”