Mummy’s Curse. A poem.

Stricken with A mummy’s curse To waste away To slough and spurt As bodies melt Into emptiness Prognosis lost And second best A life lived short And lost again Unfulfilled A sea of pain This mummy’s curse Will take you down And leave you wanting In the ground For more Poetry, click here. For moreContinue reading “Mummy’s Curse. A poem.”

Sometimes. A poem.

Sometimes, I feel old. I feel the weight of years And the stress and strain Of injuries and tears That make it hard to lift Myself from bed. It hits me, awkwardly, When I’m lifting a box Or philosophising alone, Shooting through my brain And body and bones. Or when I see the young LivingContinue reading “Sometimes. A poem.”

Vice. A poem.

A tightness in my torso In my arm and in my jaw Unlike anything I’ve felt before (Maybe indigestion, it’s a start) Everything I know says fit Healthy, young of heart This dreaded feeling I confess Grips me harder than the vice Squeezing life from my chest For more Poetry, click here. For more ofContinue reading “Vice. A poem.”