Instrument of Thought. A poem.

Every thought is a mere
grace note, a barely
consumed pinpoint
in a barely thought out
world, an architectural
nightmare of unplanned
infrastructure and roads
to nowhere.

But every once in a while,
that note combines into
a chord, and the vision
and sound brings a
joy of logic and
circumspection to the
almighty chaos.

This instrument will
always and never
let you down.

I write a lot of poems, some from my head, some from my heart. Many don’t appear on this website. For more of my poetry, check out The All or the Nothing, my first e-book, available at most online book sellers.

Click here to find out how to get your copy.

Published by Laidback DM

I’m a writer who loves tabletop role playing games, poetry and (you guessed it) writing.

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