Sorrow. A poem.

Sorrow in my eyes can’t repair the damage done
Upon the mirror face, reflecting lies and truth alike

Sorrow in your eyes won’t change the bitter cost
Paid in precious lives, twisted and estranged

Sorrow in their eyes, shame for all that’s lost
Dreams shattered and bespoke, justice in a ghost

Sorrow in the lines of the casket of regrets
That tracks into the fire, and whispers to the light

Sorrow in the flames, burning slowly into dust
One story laid to rest, and two phoenixes arise.


Another poem. Can’t seem to stop writing them. It’s almost like my dam of emotion has burst its walls.

Maybe that’s a bit too melodramatic, but you know what I mean.

Published by Laidback DM

I’m a writer who loves tabletop role playing games, poetry and (you guessed it) writing.

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