Splinter. A poem.

Time moved on and so did IBut every fleeting momentI feel the splinter A vestige of youBurrowing to my head and heartSlicing as it goesAs tenderly as a razorAnd as comforting as a viceIf I had a needle I’d thread a camel through itAnd gouge that splinter outTo leave all thoughts of youBehind for goodOrContinue reading “Splinter. A poem.”

Embrace. A poem.

I remember your embrace Enfolded and ensured Encapsulating all and nothing Bittersweet and banked upon Softly sweet and silky smooth And as fettered and lasting As a dream I remember your embrace And the downy remorse That feathers every memory Of the loss For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry, check outContinue reading “Embrace. A poem.”

All Apologies. A poem.

What did I see? Mirage or destiny? Outstretched hand, grasping for life  And failing so miserably Seems you weren’t the one for me We misread the contours of the land Now what’s left is all apologies  For more Poetry, click here. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely and Hopelessly EndangeredContinue reading “All Apologies. A poem.”

Forgotten. A poem.

Blinkered, leading the way from behind This train of thought left the station long ago Left you standing vacant on the platform Waiting for another to come along But you’ve forgotten who you are And they’ve forgotten you and your scars Consideration and commiseration Time to come in from the cold For more Poetry, clickContinue reading “Forgotten. A poem.”

Briars and Thorns. A poem.

All these briars and thorns— Sticking and slicing, Pricking and enticing— Patterning my body And reflecting my somber discontent. Marking a trail upon this empty flesh— A patina of scar tissue, A fleshy, vertiginous map— To guide me like a lost, Angst-filled, wayward child. Back from the emptiness Of my long congealing heart. For moreContinue reading “Briars and Thorns. A poem.”

Your Eyes, an Ocean. A poem.

Your eyes, an ocean Setting me adrift at sea Just one miscalculation and Suddenly there’s No star to guide me Your eyes, an ocean Subtle ocean homily Expounding on a sailor lost and Anxiously not Where he’s meant to be Your eyes, an ocean Given a sextant to perceive Directly and indirectly and This distanceContinue reading “Your Eyes, an Ocean. A poem.”

The Hole. A poem.

The hole stares back at me, A great, unblinking eye That will not let me be. The hole is black as pitch And filled with pain and lies, Every scar and every stitch. The hole it draws me in, Inescapable gravity, A match I cannot win. The hole encloses me And I am down againContinue reading “The Hole. A poem.”

Trapped. A poem.

Isolated Alone Weary Waiting Life without meaning Contemptible in reproach Self flagellation And inimitable doubt Tired Empty Sad Succinct Selfish and self-absorbed Mired and wallowing The constant reprobate Entwined and enshrined Endless Pitiful Artless Vacuous Circling down the drain Longing for escape Dead thoughts and dead time Grasping for hope Longing for an end InContinue reading “Trapped. A poem.”

Alike. A poem.

Does she sit and cry? Does she pray at night, as I? Does she feel the patina of a life less inspired? Does she mirror my repose and ask the question: why? Perhaps we are, more or less, Alike. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad, Lonely and Hopelessly Endangered andContinue reading “Alike. A poem.”

Fences. A poem.

I thought I’d mend some fences Build them up to break them down Fill in all the trenches Dig the mines up from the ground I thought I’d build some bridges And meet you in the middle No more complex negotiations No more angst or pointless riddles I thought I’d mend some fences It wasContinue reading “Fences. A poem.”

Castaway. A poem.

Poker-faced, a nascent clarity before my eyes; while behind confusion and regret in tides, that while away the dawdling time. I seek to speak but find no words to fill the vacant mire that fills this space with more pregnant, hesitant desires. I am wrecked again upon this island; coastal reefs and waves, burgeoning watersContinue reading “Castaway. A poem.”

My Depression. A poem.

I thought that you would let me be But here you come, rapaciously Slicing me up from inside out Filling my head with irksome doubt Your inky fingers in my dreams Painting landscapes and charcoal scenes A bottomless parade of hell in sync With all my loathing and self-contempt I thought that you would letContinue reading “My Depression. A poem.”

Half-Life/Half-Light. poem.

Of this lingering half-life, only the iceberg tip exposed. Beware what lies beneath: cut glass, mirrored edges and radical toxicity. Splinters and elements better left submerged; its palpitating heart, decaying in the half-light. For more of my poetry, check out The All or the Nothing, my first book, available at most online book sellers inContinue reading “Half-Life/Half-Light. poem.”

Unforgiven. A poem.

Have I forgotten who I am? Not when every turgid thought drags the ocean bottom, the silt clouding my mind with all the pain I wrought. Not when my perpetual aching heart is torn in two with every memory of every rancid moment from dusk to red-eyed start. Not when every apology is a litanyContinue reading “Unforgiven. A poem.”

Shadow Tales. A poem.

My aching thoughts and fretful angst that often lead astray, that wander in the ceding light, whose shadows form my way. The consequences of my time, misled misgivings here, they form a crazy, tangled skein, the symptoms of my fears. Beneath the coverlet of night pulled tight to shield me so, to trick me inContinue reading “Shadow Tales. A poem.”

The Chair. A poem.

Perpetual, an endless sojourn, a continuum of unknowing. This electric chair does not ease the time as much as I would like. The thoughts that spiral in my brain are currents playing havoc with the depths of perpetuity, every outcome played out against a backdrop of chaos. And time ticks on, as slow as shiftingContinue reading “The Chair. A poem.”

Operation. A poem.

I wish sometimes I could open my head, take a scalpel in hand and then operate. Remove all the things that I just love to hate: things that make me odd, or a little irate, all the shadows I jump at, everything that frustrates, the notorious black dog, fears that keep me awake. But thenContinue reading “Operation. A poem.”

Effigy. A poem.

My memories and yours, burnt in effigy. They’re digital photos deleted from your phone. The flames lick at them, a contented aftertaste. They hang like meat, smoked and chargrilled. The funeral tailor delivers a final suit in charcoal. I write a lot of poems, some from my head, some from my heart. Many don’t appearContinue reading “Effigy. A poem.”

Thoughts. A poem.

I thought the flow of tears would end, the self-hate, internal rage would mend. I thought my path was bright and clear, a new and ever-present destiny. I thought a kiss would heal my mind, exorcise the demons stored through time. I thought a touch would raise my hope, a helping hand out of thisContinue reading “Thoughts. A poem.”

The Pool. A poem.

Whence does this darkness dwell? This foetid blight that weighs down consciousness and soul. The ebon pool that hampers thought and confounds me to my core, that pounds upon my limpid door until my head is filled to burst with brittle ambiguity and stranger things unsought. Unto the well, this pool it flows, within theContinue reading “The Pool. A poem.”

Vault of Years. A poem.

I crawl the vault of years, hunched and broken, bereft and decaying. Unforgiven and unforgiving, trapped in webs of deceit, waylaid in poisonous shrouds. Are you here to free me? Or join the gallery? Come crawl this vault of years with me until eternity.   The All or the Nothing is my first e-book ofContinue reading “Vault of Years. A poem.”

Sand Head. A poem.

I wanted to put my head deep down in the dust, but it was too hard to breathe amongst my crowded thoughts. I guess the best laid head was like the worst laid plan: too many consequences, like infinite grains of sand. The All or the Nothing is my first e-book of poetry, available atContinue reading “Sand Head. A poem.”

New Face. A poem.

I am the ripple that turns the tide, the plaintive cry that shakes the world, the angry soul that brings the pain, the lonely man, slowly gone insane. Every time I turn around I see my new face and it haunts me. The All or the Nothing is my first e-book of poetry, available atContinue reading “New Face. A poem.”

Every Blue Thought. A poem.

I prefer black but I wear a lot of blues and this ever-lasting weariness goes from my head down to my shoes. EVERY aching, grinding, groaning, spattering, spluttering, shadowing, beseeching, bemoaning, bewildering, disturbing, destabilising, escalating, ego-destroying, undermining, undulating, failing, falling THOUGHT from my head down to my shoes. The All or the Nothing is myContinue reading “Every Blue Thought. A poem.”

Perspective. A poem.

I face my window Pale droplets obscure The external world In my tiny womb I turn To face another day If you liked that, then you’ll love the poems in my first book The All or the Nothing! And at just $5.99 for 62 poems, that’s less than 10 cents a poem! To find outContinue reading “Perspective. A poem.”

Family Lost. A poem.

I’d long lost sight of my family As I descended the stairs slowly Those stairs they were so tricky It was easy to trip and slippery They climbed up the darkened stairs Out of my tomb and into the air Tasted golden winds of change Above ripples in the water made Four cold walls forContinue reading “Family Lost. A poem.”

Amongst the Ashes. A poem.

Some daysI want to open my wristsAnd let them breath in reverseTake the irony of my existencePaint it in the colourOf lonelinessEmptinessHopelessnessAnd watch it flowSlowlySurelySluggishlyDown the porcelain sinkThat holds all my pointless dreamsAnd wash them awayMaybe thenI'll find sweet reliefAmongst the ashes Choose life. Every time. Don't give in to suicide. Life is too preciousContinue reading “Amongst the Ashes. A poem.”