A Tsunami of Taking Back Sunday Goodness – ‘Tidal Wave’ album review

American alt-rock band Taking Back Sunday have an alt-rock sound verging on punk. They’ve released their seventh studio album, titled Tidal Wave, in Australia a few months ago. As usual I’m catching up.

Death Wolf opens the album, an up tempo rocker that surges ahead at breakneck speed. The title track is straight-ahead rock and roll that wouldn’t be out of place on a Ramones album. You Can’t Look Back, I Felt It Too and I’ll Find a Way To Make It What You Want showcases lead singer Lazzara’s slightly off-key vocals. Fences is a standout, with the driving Police-style sparseness of its verse. All Excess is a pumping rock anthem. The driving Call Come Running is perhaps the most commercial sounding track on the album, but still manages to rise above the mundane with its catchy hook and lyrics. We Don’t Go There is a heavy, percussion-filled ode to dishonesty.

The band has lost none of its youthful energy. Every song on this album pops with a vibrancy that is not present in slicker, alt-rock releases. There’s an honesty at work here, in the lyrics and the music, and it’s a fine thing. The musicianship is excellent – Eddie Reyes and John Nolan do the honours on guitars, with Shaun Cooper on bass. Drummer Mark O’Connell is in fine form. Adam Lazzara hits new highs on lead vocals.

Tidal Wave is raw and energetic rock. There are twelve songs, with a thirteenth ‘outtakes’ track, clocking in at around 55 minutes or so, so you won’t feel short changed.

Taking Back Sunday may not have varied their style too much over the years, but they are still producing top quality music that deserves a listen.

You can find out more about Taking Back Sunday at their website: http://www.takingbacksunday.com/


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