Rock Cliché in Spades (“Night People” album review)

You Me At Six are an English alt-rock band with four successful albums under their belt. They’ve recently released a new album, Night People.

Night People is short and to the point, clocking in at just over 35 minutes for 10 songs. It has a polished and commercial sound, leaning heavily on 70’s and 80’s hard rock influences.

The title track swaggers to a stadium-ready We Will Rock You-vibe, but where Queen’s understated classic truly rocks, Night People seems tired. Plus One is straight ahead up tempo rock mired in clichéd chord progressions. Take On The World is a ballad with an arena-made “audience participation” coda. Make Your Move starts with a semi-funk intro riff and subdued percussion, but grabs an over-used four chord progression for the chorus, undoing all the good work. Spell It Out is a dark and minimalist tune concluding with a Led Zeppelin Kashmir-style chorus.

Each song, both musically and lyrically, is lazy and mired in rock cliché. This may not be a bad thing for their existing fans, but it seems You Me At Six is playing it safe, and as a result Night People will be relegated to history’s CD bargain bin.

If this review seemed hard, please realise I am a big fan of this band. Their previous albums have been great, just not this one. To find out more about You Me at Six, check out their website at

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    1. You should checkout the Queen original. Just drums and Freddy Mercury’s vocal, then a Brian May solo at the end. One of the greatest rock songs ever written, and an incredibly minimalist arrangement. Awesome 🙂


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