Shotglass Adventures: Kal-Zar’s Bane 3: Titanothae Rising in Print!

My new book Titanothae Rising is out now in print and PDF on DrivethruRPG at . Titanothae Rising is 124 pages long and contains 7 DnD 5e/OSR adventures for character levels 8th – 10th. It’s the third book in the Kal-Zar’s Bane campaign path, however you can play each of the adventures as One-Shots,Continue reading “Shotglass Adventures: Kal-Zar’s Bane 3: Titanothae Rising in Print!”

Free Map – The Red Temple

Time for a free map! I love drawing maps for Dungeons & Dragons adventures. I have far too many, though, so I like to give away my hand-drawn maps when I can. This map is conveniently sized for virtual tabletops. The Red Temple Why’s it called the Red Temple? Because the entire place is tiledContinue reading “Free Map – The Red Temple”


As a DM, I like to have dungeon and cavern system maps on hand just in case my players like to…wander. Come on, you know they do. One minute they’re traveling overland to the next adventure you meticulously planned and wrote and the next they’re checking out the caves on the low lying ridge youContinue reading “MAPS YOUR PARTY WILL DIE FOR 2: MEGA-DUNGEON in Digital and Print!”

Advice for the Young at Heart…Stuff for Beginner DMs

I see a lot of Tweets asking about advice for new Dungeon Masters (DMs) or Games Masters (GMs) – which I will henceforth refer to as DMs. Rather than answer the plethora of questions there, I thought I’d do one consolidated response here. A caveat before I begin: even though I am what you wouldContinue reading “Advice for the Young at Heart…Stuff for Beginner DMs”

NEW Shotglass Rounds Adventures available on DrivethruRPG!

Need a One-shot Adventure for your next D&D 5e session? SHOTGLASS ROUNDS are one-and-done, no fuss, no prep adventures for the busy DM. Lights, camera, maps, ACTION! From Laidback DM, winner of the 2019 and 2020 One Page Dungeon Contests. And for more Laidback DM products, visit Drivethrurpg by clicking the link:

Products for Sale!

Hi all! Far be it for me to spruik for a living, but hey – it’s how I make a living now. So, here are some of my products available on DrivethruRPG in print/PDF/digital. You can buy any or all of these fine products by visiting this nifty little link: Game on! Steve 🙂​