A Duel. A poem.

We long for a less-than-guarded conversation, as conventional as that may seem in times as conventional and guarded as these. A dual of wits and natures whereby intent is disguised and discursively dismissed as quickly and as slowly as it isn’t. The epitome of vengeance in every word and phrase: a calculated duel, a parryContinue reading “A Duel. A poem.”

Code. A poem.

I am yet to crack the code, the enigma that I see. These thoughts temptation sowed, this conundrum that you’ve been. I will try each combination, I will twist and turn and pry and after a long privation, I will crack your code—in time. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for the Sad,Continue reading “Code. A poem.”

This Maze. A poem.

This maze we walk, denies a bitter truth. Our fingers trace its periphery and yet still we walk in circles. If escape is what we truly yearn then perhaps there is no maze at all. Or perhaps the maze is just a labyrinth of pain, navigated by fools like me and you. For more ofContinue reading “This Maze. A poem.”

Divides. A flash fiction.

This is a short fiction I wrote for a Uni subject I completed a while back. Enjoy! Cheers Steve 🙂  Divides. By Stephen Thompson. My mother is dusting. The feather duster she uses swishes lightly over the mementoes and photo frames on the shelf, cautiously tracing a path through our family history like a shipContinue reading “Divides. A flash fiction.”

Incontrovertible. A poem.

They say that proof is not incontrovertible and that the essence of truth can be hidden in the words encapsulating it. I say I only need you to touch me and say it, too— your words punctuate and spell out my incontrovertible belief in you. For more of my poetry, check out Poetry for theContinue reading “Incontrovertible. A poem.”

The Year of Living Dangerously.

Is love hard to find? In today’s fast moving and super-connected society, it can be. And for those of us who are shy, awkward, socially inhibited, or just plain old, it can be dang near impossible (yeah, old people use ‘dang’. What’s that, they don’t? Oh, shut up). That’s where dating apps come in. NoContinue reading “The Year of Living Dangerously.”