Wasting. A poem.

Wasting away for you It’s the least that I can do Collapsed into myself My own considerable hell Lying here balled and foetal A fate completely total Floating in dead space All oxygen sucked away Darkness perpetuated Emptiness encapsulated Exhausted and beset Consumed with regret Wasting away for you It’s the least that I canContinue reading “Wasting. A poem.”

Tyre. A poem. 

An average car tyre Covers thousands of miles Before it gets to the end of its time Rarely a smooth ride The tyre bumps and slides Goes round, then flattens and dies Some days I’m a tyre Just rolling through strife And always left wondering why And if I’m a tyre That explains why I’mContinue reading “Tyre. A poem. “

D&D. A haiku tetralogy.

These haiku are about my love of tabletop role playing games (RPGs), particularly Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). I loooooove RPGs.

A Writer’s Lot. A poem.

And at that certain time Heads emerge from shells Where they were buried Dreaming tales to tell And cloistered in my womb Loneliness and black dog thoughts Of doom and gloom I send my words to you Sometimes liked Sometimes not at all Left wondering what the magic recipe must be But liked or notContinue reading “A Writer’s Lot. A poem.”

Shades. A poem.

I once found a pair of brand new sunglasses in an elevator. Rather than turn them in, I decided to keep them (terrible of me, I know).
They change the shape of my face when I wear them, almost making me a different person. When they’re on, I almost have a sense of increased confidence and lessened anxiety. Does that happen with you, too?