REckLEss. A poem.

HEre I am REckLEss when you’re ARound. Should I STay Should I GO Should I CHance the EBb and FLow A MOment’s INdecision And I’m CAught up in YOur SHow ONce again I’m REckLEss BUt I’ve noWHere else to GO The All or the Nothing is my first e-book of poetry. To find out howContinue reading “REckLEss. A poem.”

The Optimist’s Trial. A poem.

There once was an optimist Who tripped, fell Lost his wife Respectability His whole life For some reason lost his optimism as well He picked himself up Dusted himself off Set about finding a new life But it wasn’t easy So much was tied up In his head and heart It wasn’t easy to forgetContinue reading “The Optimist’s Trial. A poem.”

(No) Compass. A poem.

I thought I was                     free of anger But it rages there! inside! Everyday Over every             little                     betrayal Surrounded by tears That lurk just behind the veil Release me from hurt AndContinue reading “(No) Compass. A poem.”

The Pitch. A poem.

Every time I see her The briefest moment fleeting My time with her is limited To a nondescript meeting It takes less than a minute To make the magic pitch To appeal to better nature Before regret becomes an itch But then the meeting’s ended No optioned heart’s desire For two souls to be blendedContinue reading “The Pitch. A poem.”

A Question of Purpose

Sometimes life kicks us hard. Then it kicks us even harder. While life is kicking us we have to learn to get up and either get out of the way or let that boot keep cracking our ribs.
That’s not actually what this post is about, but maybe it caught your attention. If so, please read my post about purpose and humility. And stupidity. You might even enjoy it 🙂

Thoughts of Love. A poem.

Bury those thoughts of love They are not for you She is blind to you Not even hallucination Or an oasis mirage You are the poltergeist Invisible in the room Ever-present and in pain Locked into an endless cycle Of feeble-mindedness And lonely, wanton disdain So stop your wishing Stop your dreaming Curl yourself upContinue reading “Thoughts of Love. A poem.”

See the Light. A poem.

How I wish to see the light No matter how much it hurts and blinds My eyes, so used to darkness here To anxious crowds and bloody sights Wave a torch, a beacon shining Like a firefly that flutters in the night Something I can reach, to aspire Before the final round of this fightContinue reading “See the Light. A poem.”

The Loneliness of Being

So what is life when you’re alone? Many might say life is what you make it: that if you’re alone you make the best of the situation. But for others being alone is a wasteland that sucks the essence of their soul and leaves them a withered husk. Unfortunately, I fall into that category. It’sContinue reading “The Loneliness of Being”

Twenty Four Kays. A poem.

Twenty four kilometres I walked on a whim “I can do this, no worries,” what was I thinking? Five hours, two blisters and a sore ankle later And I’m wondering if I should feel any way better Was it just for my ego, or just to feel good Or was it just for the pain,Continue reading “Twenty Four Kays. A poem.”

The Long Haul. A poem.

The long haul north The highway like a dreamtime serpent Twisting forlornly through valleys Of gum and wattle, towns and fields I am an island moving In the relentless torrent north Towards faithless destiny Not remembered or forgiven Just complete the task assigned and say goodnight I’m just a chauffeur on the fly . IContinue reading “The Long Haul. A poem.”

Anniversary. A poem.

An anniversary Three years of torment Ashes from which I arise A new man A better man Beholden to the past But reaching for the future From this crucible I am forged anew To rebuild To refine To create Never to revisit past sins But to find a better life With you . Not longContinue reading “Anniversary. A poem.”

Sands. A poem.

I rise before the first blush of dawn Dappled sunlight like reedy fingers Touching the grey surrounds Blooming refulgent petals Apprehension in alpha and omega What fearsome beasts should rise On wings of measured determination Cunningly disguised and lividly forthright Trapped in sundered cogitation An hourglass of intimation curtailed Until sands cease to flow AndContinue reading “Sands. A poem.”

Oil and Quicksand. A poem.

My dreams are oil and quicksand Darkest thoughts, you understand A heady brew, an unlikely mix Brought to life, a concrete fix Dragging me down where dead men float Tarred and feathered in the undertow Set me alight in fire and flame All the better consumed by pain Oil and quicksand in my head HopeContinue reading “Oil and Quicksand. A poem.”

Three Years Later…

So, here I am, three years after the most harrowing time of my life and everything is pretty much still the same.  I’m not any closer to finding a real purpose. I still have no love in my life. I’m still socially isolated. I still have no idea what I’m doing (my prayers sound likeContinue reading “Three Years Later…”

Underground. A poem.

Bury my heartDeep undergroundBury my soulWhere it can't be foundBury my headFull of anxietyBury me wholeSo absolutelyAnd here in the dirtI will resideHere in the dirtWith worms at my sideTo eat up my heartAnd to eat up my soulTo consume me aliveAnd so achieve your goal

The Whole Damn Thing. A poem.

Sometimes I get so sadI just have to laughEver had that?It's weird I knowBut sometimes there's Nothing else leftSo you cry and cryAnd you laugh awhileAnd when it's overIt's like it's all been liftedIt's still there but it's notKnow what I mean?Maybe you doMaybe you don'tI'm just trying to make senseOf the whole damn thing

Oasis. A poem.

I was lost in the desert And as the sweeping sands Surrounded me with the promise of death As my tongue swelled with my last parched breath I saw a vision before me An oasis in the swirling dust It seemed so far away, yet agonisingly just out of reach Of water and palms andContinue reading “Oasis. A poem.”

Family Lost. A poem.

There are rabbits in my back yard Each day they rise to greet the light With eager noses, seek daily bread While the alpha, tall and bright Watches oh, so protectively Together, the family eats again I had a family once like them It now feels like so long ago I loved them so, myContinue reading “Family Lost. A poem.”