Trust-less Daze (Gambling Daze, part 4). A poem.

I trusted you to pay the bills, until I received those pointed calls; found them hidden, of course, in out of the way places, away from prying eyes and your surreptitious faces. I listened to the constant stream Of lies and excuses and deceit All the time asking why me? Why me? How could youContinue reading “Trust-less Daze (Gambling Daze, part 4). A poem.”

Truth-less Daze (Gambling Daze, part 3). A poem.

She liked responsibility— it gave her credibility, a way to cover erstwhile tracks, unpaid bills and missing goods; her lies falling on naive ears, infallible fallibility. The pawnshop, her best friend (other than the pokies, that is), until she learned that dud cheques worked just as well except they caught up in the end. So,Continue reading “Truth-less Daze (Gambling Daze, part 3). A poem.”

Wayward Daze (Gambling Daze, part 2). A poem.

I remember carrying my son Two months old and sleeping Into wayward pubs and clubs In search of a wayward mother Bewitched by poker machines And the scent of an easy win. I remember the humiliation Of asking doormen and barmen If they had seen her Sitting zombie-like at machines feeding her constancy and poorContinue reading “Wayward Daze (Gambling Daze, part 2). A poem.”

Poker Machine Daze (Gambling Daze, part 1). A poem.

She played the pokies in her day, her singular gaze unflinching and intractably admiring. The stars and bells, her friends; a gentle, constant riot of affection and affectation, pleading to stay and coaxing her with opium overtures of digitised ecstasy. The hours flew by until the credit expired and she was begging for more, cashingContinue reading “Poker Machine Daze (Gambling Daze, part 1). A poem.”