Reach. A poem.

I reach And ellipses of time and motion Quixotic Remote-controlled emotion The loving contentment of the discontented Repeated over and over Masticated and Manipulated in my head Like daffodil moments and chloroformed thoughts Venting in subspace A dream prison Of complexity and indecision From finish to start and ending with a question: Where Are YouContinue reading “Reach. A poem.”

Haiku Friday. ‘Cold’, a haiku trilogy.

‘Cold’, a haiku trilogy. 1. Cold It’s so cold in here. Icicles within your stare doth make me shiver. 2. Distant To cross this tundra, where wind, snow and ice, doth reign. Find a way to you. 3. Frozen Frozen statue, me. Fear hath made me what I am. Fear won’t let me go. IfContinue reading “Haiku Friday. ‘Cold’, a haiku trilogy.”

Turbulence. A poem.

They're across a crowded roomAnd the narcissist withinIs screaming "look at me, look at me"But the introvert withoutIt whispers "look away, look away"Trying to smile is a struggleAs complex and as simple as a Gordian knotAnd while the cannibal butterfliesConsume your insidesAnd the flush creeping upMakes you look like a fire hydrantAnd you're thinking hardHowContinue reading “Turbulence. A poem.”

Grave. A poem.

I am promised eternal life But am I worthy? I have His grace And for this I am thankful But I still carry guilt For sins forgiven Something I Can’t forget or forgive And so I thank Him for His grace But I will carry this pain To my grave

Rain. A Poem.

I felt the rain more deeply than ever before It flowed like chaotic capillaries down my face It mingled with tears, a salty, alchemical mix   It touched my tongue, combined saliva and cotton mouth It washed me clean of tragic irony and bittersweet regret And when it stopped I stood there dripping, alone asContinue reading “Rain. A Poem.”

Time’s Up. A poem.

Okay, this poem’s a bit dark. But then, I’m a pretty dark person. My poems reflect all aspects of me, not just the happy stuff. (‘Happy stuff?’ I hear you say. ‘When have you ever written happy poems?’ Good point. Scratch what I said earlier.)